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Stanley Bay From Peaceful Ma Hang Park Hong Kong

Standly Park

Stanley Bay, Hong Kong

What a perfect view of Stanley Bay! This is the view of Stanley Bay from peaceful Ma Hang Park in Hong Kong. The day is outstanding! The view is magnificent! Stanley Bay is the perfect Hong Kong adventure for those who love nature. The Stanley Ma Hang Park is a beautiful park that was built into the side of the cliffs in 2011. It covers over 50,000 square meters and is beautiful and green. The Ma Hang Park is slightly hidden from the bustle of city life. You will find it behind Murray House. The boardwalk that you must climb to get to Ma Hang Park is slightly steep, but well worth the effort. The view of Stanley Bay is priceless.

Stanley Ma Hang Park is one of Hong Kong’s many hidden gems. Here you can discover a beautiful butterfly garden, an observation deck with some of the most fantastic views of Stanley Bay, a bird observation desk, a fitness deck, and a heritage corner. You can relax and enjoy magnificent views from the sea view terrace and the sea breeze patio. The views are one of a kind and breathtaking. There are no better views of Stanley Bay anywhere in the city. The views are simply stunning on a clear day with blue skies and white cotton clouds. This is any nature lover’s paradise.

While in Stanley, there is much to see and do. The town of Stanley is very historic in its own right. It is the one of the oldest villages on Hong Kong Island. The village dates back to the time of the Ming Dynasty. The Ming Dynasty was in power from 1573-1620 AD. The town was named for an Englishman, Lord Stanley. The Chinese name for Stanley is Chek Chu. This name comes from the Red-Flowered Cotton Tree. Back during the time of British rule in 1841, it was the largest village on the island. The population at this time was well over 2,ooo people.

One of the main attractions in Stanley is the Stanley Market. It is one of the best markets on the island. It carries a large variety of things that appeal to both locals and Westerners. It is included in most tour packages, because of its popularity with all travelers. When you finish in the market a nice stroll down the waterfront is both relaxing and filled with many Hong Kong gems. You will find coffee bars, quaint cafes, and lots of street venders. As you walk along the board walk you will find several awesome beaches. Take a few minutes to sit and relax on the bench. Watch the small boats out in Stanley Bay. You will be surprised at the many different kinds. No Hong Kong adventure is complete without a tour of the town of Stanley, including the waterfront.

Walk a little further down the waterfront and you will discover Murray House and Blake Pier. Both of these places have information areas where you can learn about their interesting history. Murray House is one of Hong Kong’s oldest buildings that was relocated from the Central area of Hong Kong to its present location.

Wherever you choose to go in Stanley, you are sure to enjoy yourself. It is a quaint town with a Mediterranean flare. No Hong Kong adventure is complete without a day spent in Stanley. Stanley Bay is one of the most magnificent bays in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is the perfect destination for this year’s travel adventure. Today is a good day,  to make your Hong Kong travel plans.