Hsing Tian Kong Temple In Taipei Taiwan

Hsing Tian Kong temple in Taipei TaiwanHsing Tian Kong temple in Taipei Taiwan

Hsing Tian Kong temple in Taipei Taiwan

Hsing Tian Kong Temple In Taipei Taiwan

Hsing Tian Kong Temple is a very popular and well-loved Temple in Taiwan. Hsing Tian Kong Temple is a Taiwanese Taoist Temple. It draws huge masses of people daily. This is especially the case during the New Years Celebration. Hsing Tian Kong Temple is dedicated to Guan Yu, the god of businessmen. This is a newer temple,  and  was built-in 1967. The temple sits in the center of the city and features many dragon statues. The overall design of this temple is prominently dragons.

Hsing tian Kong Temple is the most popular of all the temples in Taipei. During times of religious celebrations and New Years, it is not unusual for it to draw crowds of 20,000 or more.  People believe visiting Guan Yu is good for their businesses and prosperity. There is an underground passageway where you can find many fortune tellers and many beggars sit by the entrance. Nearby there are many people selling food and other things that are used by the worshipers. Inside the temple it is very solemn,  and people pray and burn incense to the god Guan Yu. Buddhist nuns sit and recite prayers all day. Older women can be seen reading and praying in the long underground passageway. This is an active temple and people are there to worship. Please be quiet and respectful when viewing.

This very popular temple is one of the major sightseeing locations in Taipei. It has amazing architecture that resembles many of the older temples, though it is one of the newer ones. It’s central location makes it easy for tourists and locals alike to get to. It is less than a 5 minute walk to the MRT station.  Hsing Tian Kong Temple is located at 109, Sec. 2, Minquan E. Rd., Zhongshan District, Taipei City. It is open weekdays from 8am to 7pm local time. While in Taipei, be sure to visit Hsing Tian Kong Temple. For more Taiwan tourist information, visit our websites at:




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