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Journey Through Petra With Our Team

Journeying through Petra

Journey Through Petra With Our Team

Journey through Petra with the Explore Traveler Team. Petra is an amazing archaeological wonder. Built with skill and precision, the Hellenistic architecture is unbelievable. Journey through Petra’s streets , explore the caves, and discover Al Khazneh or The Treasury. The Explore Traveler Team is excited, as we move through this ancient city. This mysterious city that was lost for centuries, but now it is alive with exploration. The journey through Petra takes on many forms. It begins in a wide valley known as Bab as-Siq. It is the gateway to Al Sig.  It continues with either a walk through Al Sig (which means shaft) or a donkey cart ride through Al Sig. In many places Al Sig is only 9.8 feet wide. It is a natural geological fault split open  by the movement of the Tectonic plates deep in the earth. Al Sig is the path to this astonishing ancient city. It is a journey through Petra, that begins by the long walk through the colorful Al Sig. As you journey through Al Sig, you will see beautiful votive niches for the gods.  This would lead us to believe that this narrow shaft was a sacred path. Al Sig was a place of worship for the Nabataeans, as they made their journey home. Al Sig was also the main caravan entrance into Petra.

It was this complex Sig or path through the mountain of sandstone, that kept the secrets of this city for hundreds of years. As you Journey through Petra and Al sig, you will notice many underground chambers. It is not yet clear what they were used for, but archaeologists now believe that they housed the guards that defended this beautiful and complex city. You will also see parts of their water system. The water system was destroyed by one of their earthquakes. The journey through Petra and Al Sig is just the beginning of your adventure.

As the Team leaves the dim and narrow walkway of Al Sig , they come out into a plaza and face-to-face with Al Khazneh or The Treasury. The sight is unbelievable. You are uniquely confronting one of the most fantastic buildings ever made. Just think , this was hand-carved out of sandstone. Every fine detail was carved by hand. The building is enormous and several stories high. This was the work of expert builders and artisans.

Climb over the rocks and discover incredible caves. These caves were at one time places of burial but are now often homes. The Bedouin people, who are mainly dwellers of the desert, have lived in these caves for hundred of years. Now, it is even possible to spend the night with a Bedouin family in their cave.  Al-Bedoul, a Bedouin  living in one of the near by caves. was also born there. When in Europe he was taken with the idea of the groups who stayed on couches in peoples homes. He came home and registered his cave with  You will never know what you will find in the caves. Perhaps you can spend the night.

Another amazing must do in Petra is the 850 steps to where the rocks meet the sky. Here you will discover Al-Deir Monastery. It is at the top and is breathtaking. What amazing views of all of Petra and the surrounding desert. This taxing journey is worth every minute of the climb. Al-Deir Monastery is the largest of the monuments in Petra. The Journey through Petra is not complete till you reach the top. The journey is difficult, but the reward is great. Al-Deir Monastery is magnificent. Many locals consider this to be the end of the world. You will also find a cafe at the top and a recovery cave. The cafe serves lunch, chips, and juices. There are no restrooms on site, however. There is also no place to hide. So it is best to remember to use the facilities at the bottom of the climb.

If you desire to make this the year for real adventure, then Jordan is your destination. Wadi Rum, Little Petra, and Petra are just some of the unique treasures you will find. The people of Jordan are friendly and welcome you to come and visit. There is nothing like Jordan anywhere in the world. It is unique. So make this the year you discover the secrets of Petra and the awesome Wadi Rum. If you get tired of climbing, grab a camel, there are lots for hire. Make this the year you journey through Petra.





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