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Journey To Atlantis…. Sea World

Journey to Atlantis, wet high speed fun at SeaWorld in San Diego California USA
Journey to Atlantis, wet high speed fun at SeaWorld in San Diego California USA

Sea World: The Journey to Atlantis

Journey to Atlantis has arrived. Climb aboard and let the fun begin! Journey to Atlantis is a water coaster experience that begins with getting soaked. There are many thrilling coaster antics and action and lots of very unique special effects. Let the fun begin, as you journey to Atlantis.  Along the way you will dip and plunge and get the thrill of your life. All this in a simple journey to a lost civilization. The Journey to Atlantis is fun to the very end. As your journey to Atlantis ends, you take a 60 foot plunge, ending eye to eye with amazing and fascinating sea  animals. Don’t wait another day, come discover this ancient civilization, as you Journey to Atlantis.

Shipwreck Rapids is another amazing ride at Sea World. Join other castaways in a huge tube like raft and take a ride down an amazing, peaceful,  and winding river. How peaceful this island is! Is this paradise? You will whirl and splash as you move along! You may even have a crash or two as you enter the rapids that move so swift they make foaming whitewater. Be careful though, as soon you will plunge through a waterfall and land in the most fascinating underground cave. Here you will find many secrets that are part of this lost island.  What secrets will you discover? Where will they lead? Buckle up for the journey, as the going may get rough.

The Manta is here and what an experience awaits you! You will  soar and dive like a sea ray, twisting as you go. Take the journey deep into the world of the beautiful and dangerous ray. This is a multi-media double launch roller coaster. You will be surrounded with gliding rays! Arriving at the grotto, you will even be able to feed these incredible and peaceful animals. The Manta changes the meaning of what a roller coaster is! It is new and will delight the whole family. Ride the ray today! Feel the rush of excitement! This is a one of a kind experience….only at Sea World!

Riptide Rescue is ready to leave. Climb aboard and try to relax as we venture out to rescue turtles in trouble. Hold on tight, as the ride can get scary and wild. As you move through the riptides, looking for hurt turtles in need of assistance, you will make swift moves and whirl and splash your way along. There is fun in the riptides!

As the day ends, spend 6 relaxing minutes in the Bayside. The Bayside is a cable car skyride and what a view. As you go across the bay and back, soak in the amazing views of San Diego. What a chance to relax and unwind. Enjoy the sunset! The view is amazing! And when you come back……enjoy a nice relaxing dinner in one of the cafes at Sea World San Diego.


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