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Katmai National Park And Preserve Alaska

Flying over Katmai National Park and Preserve in Alaska
Flying over Katmai National Park and Preserve in Alaska

Katmai National Park And Preserve Alaska

Katmai National Park And Preserve is one of the most delightful parks you can ever visit.  Where else can you safely be 50 feet from a bear ? Where can you view not one active volcano, but six in one park?   Most visitors to the park begin their visit at Brooks Camp. This is one of the few areas of the park that is developed. While few visitors choose to venture past the bear viewing platform, there is much to do in the Katmai National Park And Preserve. If camping , you will be given instructions for taking care of your food. This is a primitive site and you must bring all your food and water. There is none onsite. Rangers at the park work hard to prevent the bears getting any human food.  It is for this reason, that they are uniquely unafraid of visitors to the park. They will allow people to get much closer than they do elsewhere.  Those who wish to come closer and photograph the bears are able to do so.  There are also webcams installed throughout the park and these pictures can be seen on your computer or phone. July and September are the best months for viewing the Brown Bears in the park. Watch them care for their cubs. Marvel as they look for food. Watch them go fishing! Salmon is a major food source. Can you out fish a bear?

In addition to the famous bears, Katmai National Park And Preserve generally has many moose, gray wolves, beavers, porcupines, and other mammals. In some winters, Caribou occasionally spend the winter.  Marine mammals commonly found in Katmai National Park And Preserve are hair seals, sea lions,and  sea otters. You can often see Beluga Whales, Orcas, and Gray Whales also.

Activities at Katmai include hiking, backpacking, camping, backcountry skiing in winter, fishing, kayaking, boat tours, and many interpretive programs. Visit the many volcanoes in the park. Check out the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes. Kayak down one of the amazing rivers. Take a boat tour.  There are many tours with in the Katmai National Park And Preserve. One of the favorite ones is the Bear Tours. Following there is a link for Alaska Bear Adventures—-Day and Multi Day Tours.

There is also an official page from the State of Alaska on the Katmai National Park And Preserve .

Camping is available at the Brooks Camp. A website with information and reservation form is below. You can also call the office direct.

Mailing Address:

BROOKS CAMP (Now reserved under Permits Katmai NP)
PO Box 7
King Salmon  AK  99613

Phone Number:

Information:  (907)246-3305

There are several fishing lodges throughout the park. One of the best known is Grosvenor Lodge at Katmai National Park And Preserve. Prices and reservations can be made on their website.
Tour packages are available from several sources. Several are on the following website.
 Katmai National Park And Preserve is a fantastic place to visit for those who seek adventure and fun. Come join us in Alaska and make your own one of a kind adventure. See Alaska this year! Visit Katmai National Park And Preserve. Photograph the amazing Brown Bears. Take pictures of the moose outside your tent. Experience Alaska like never before.
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