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First Time Trying the Famous Kuala Lumpur Ramly Burger Malaysia

The Ramly Burger is a Malaysian icon.

I know this is drooling. I could.t stop my craving and straightaway went to have one.

So, hello, everyone. I welcome you all on this amazing journey. In this blog, we will talk about the famous Ramly Burger. I will give my reviews, so hold back and read on to learn more about this eatery.

I’m continuing my journey in Malaysia, and today I will try the famous Ramly Burger. I’ve heard a lot about it and am excited to see if it lives up to the hype. It’s been quite some time since I last had a Ramly Burger, and I’ve heard so much about its legendary status. 

I will also do a little competition with some other vloggers who claim to have found the best Ramly Burger in Kuala Lumpur. I’ve done some research, and this place may be the best. Let me know in the comments if there’s a better place.

Our First Impressions of Kuala Lumpur Ramly Burger Malaysia

Alright, folks! The moment has finally arrived—I am beyond excited to share my first impressions of the renowned Kuala Lumpur Ramly Burger. After eagerly anticipating this experience for quite some time, it’s time to see if this burger lives up to its reputation. I’ve heard whispers of its incredible flavors, accompanied by a saucy goodness that’s simply irresistible.

Without further ado, the time has come to take that first bite and reveal what we truly think about this culinary sensation. We ordered the original Ramly Burger with a beef patty, a delectable fried egg, and a medley of sauces. To accompany our burgers, we opted for mineral water instead of soda, and of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a side of crispy French fries.

The excitement in the air is palpable as we eagerly unwrap our Ramly Burgers. Ah, behold the sight! But wait, there’s something different about the fries. They don’t taste like the ordinary ones we’re accustomed to. Could it be a unique oil they use? A hint of peanut oil? It’s intriguing.

Now, let’s dive right into the main event. The moment of truth! With anticipation building, we take our first bites. And wow, the burst of flavors is incredible! The burger is a symphony of taste sensations, a true feast for the senses. But there’s something distinctive—the egg adds a delightful twist, making it stand out from your typical burger experience.

As we savor each mouthful, we can’t deny that the Ramly Burger tastes different from your regular burger. It’s a unique flavor profile that leaves us thoroughly impressed. It’s safe to say that this burger is living up to all the rave reviews and expectations.

The verdict? It’s a resounding yes! The Ramly Burger has exceeded our hopes and left us craving for more. The blend of flavors, the sauciness, and that unusual crispiness all come together to create an unforgettable dining experience. Trust me when I say this burger is a winner.

Our Food Choices During this Culinary Adventure

Let’s talk about our food choices during this culinary adventure! Our taste buds were in for a treat as we savored the original recipe of the Ramly Burger. It was packed with fresh tomatoes, lettuce, onions, and a special white sauce. The bun was delightful, offering a satisfying base for this culinary masterpiece.

As we took our first bites, we couldn’t help but notice a slight difference in the taste of the meat. There was a unique flavor that set it apart from your typical burger. To add to the experience, the mayonnaise had a hint of sweetness, adding another layer of flavor to the ensemble.

We want to hear from you too! Please let us know which location serves the best Ramly Burger in the comments. While we tried the official Ramly Burger location, we are open to exploring various stands scattered throughout the city. So, don’t hesitate to share your recommendations. We’ll be more than happy to venture there with the help of our trusty driver.

During our visit, we could dine indoors at the official Ramly location. It was a different experience from the street food versions, with a cozy indoor setting complemented by an outdoor area. Unfortunately, we couldn’t witness the burger-making process firsthand due to their food preparation rules. However, we thoroughly enjoyed our meal and would highly recommend it.

The Ramly Burger truly stands out from its counterparts in other countries. Its distinct sweetness, whether from the burger or the mayonnaise, sets it apart. The burger incorporates a blend of beef, spices, and other ingredients, giving it a rich and refined taste. Despite being saucy, it’s lighter than expected and doesn’t overwhelm the senses.

While we indulged in the original Ramly Burger, we are excited to explore other variations. We’ve seen compelling versions with red sauce, yellow sauce, and unique toppings in street food videos. In our quest to compare the differences, we’ll also be sampling some of these options.

I rate the Ramly Burger around a seven or seven point five on a scale of one to ten. It exceeded my expectations, making it above average in my books. However, there are even more exceptional versions waiting to be discovered.


And there you have it, my fellow food enthusiasts! Our first encounter with the famous Kuala Lumpur Ramly Burger left us craving more. While we savored the original recipe at the official Ramly location, we still have another adventure waiting for us—the street food versions that promise even more excitement.

As we bid farewell for now, rest assured that we will be back with another video to share our experience with the new street food variation of the Ramly Burger. We can’t wait to delve into the bolder flavors and see how they compare to the original.

So, stay tuned, my friends! In our next video, we will embark on yet another delicious journey through the streets of Kuala Lumpur, exploring the diverse and enticing street food scene. Until then, let your taste buds wander and anticipate the delectable delights ahead. See you in the next video!