Lake Kasudsuran Philippines

Lake Kasudsuran PhilippinesLake Kasudsuran Philippines

Lake Kasudsuran Philippines

Lake Kasudsuran Philippines

Lake Kasudsuran is on the lovely island of Leyte, Philippines. It is in an area called the Eastern Visayas. How beautiful this area is. The lake is calm and peaceful. The area is serene! It is quiet! The perfect spot to sit and read a book! It is an artist’s canvas! What a lovely place to paint or sketch. It is a writer’s studio! What better place to write! The lake is excellent for swimming  and canoes are available for rent. Lake Kasudsuran sits next to the stately Mount Pananguan. What an awesome mountain peak!  The area is beautiful!  The hiking is awesome! It is close to the city of Ormoc.  Ormoc is the largest city in the area by land mass.  Ormoc means “Beauty by the Bay.”  It is a beautiful ,small ,progressive city. You will find modern accommodations in Ormoc City at reasonable prices. The Lake is 2-3 hours away from Tacloban City. Tacloban City is the largest city in the providence. It is the capital city of the Eastern Visaya’s.

Lake Kasudsuran is an easy walk from Brgy  Gaas  Ormoc. As you walk through the woods, you will see areas of planted Abaca. What a fantastic view! Miles and miles of Abaca swaying in the tropical  breezes. The Abaca plantations are the major source of income for the people of Brgy Gaas. Abaca plantations are beautiful!  One of the worst devastations of last years Typhoon Haiyan was the ruin of many major Abaca plantations.  Abaca or Hemp is indigenous to the Philippines. The warm and wet climate is excellent for its cultivation. The Abaca plant is a variety of the Banana plant that cannot be eaten. This plant has beautiful non-eddible fruit!  Hemp, as we call it, is used in many products.  Out of this humble plant we get specialty papers, like tea bags and meat casings. Many of the home furnishings are made with hemp or Abaca. Many sofas and dining tables have this fiber mixed in.  Hemp also is a excellent natural fabric for clothing. It is used in the hot tropical climates. Hemp is a miracle plant! It is also used in the production of some medicines. Hemp milk is nutritious and delicious. Hemp or Abaca is the backbone of this region.

There are many other things to do while in Ormoc. Besides Lake Kasudsuran, there are two other lakes in the city. Each lake has an adventure waiting! There is awesome swimming! Canoeing and Kayaking are fantastic.  The hiking is fabulous at Alto Peak. This is the highest mountain in the Eastern Visayas. It is a favorite mountain climb. It is an excellent climb for beginning climbers.

While in Ormoc, be sure to walk across the city’s oldest bridge. The “Bridge of the Queen” dates back to the time of Spanish rule. It is one of a kind! The architecture is beautiful. It is ornate! Located at the end of the bridge is a small street market. It is one of the best in the area. It is local! It is fun! Indulge in some of the favorite street foods of the area! The cuisine is fabulous!  The market atmosphere is alive and joyous!  The people are friendly! The shops have some of the best souvenirs in the area. The prices are reasonable. Most sellers speak Spanish and English. Whats not to like about the market?

In the port area of Ormoc are three of the cities major landmarks. Plan to see the City Superdome  , the Veterans Park, and the Centennial Marker. While in the city, the easiest way to travel is by motor. These are small pedicabs. They are fun! They are unique! They are helping to rebuild the Philippines! Be a part of the solution! Enjoy the ride! See the sights! Enjoy Ormoc today!

All these things make Lake Kasudsuran and Ormoc the perfect destination for your next vacation. Adventure awaits in the Philippines! So what are you waiting for? Now is the time! Today is the day! Pack your bag and grab your passport! Make this the year you visit the Philippines!  Book your Philippine vacation today. See you there!

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