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Lipa of Batangas Philippines

Lipa of Batangas

The colorful coastal city of Lipa of Batangas in the Philippines

Lipa of Batangas Philippines

Lipa of Batangas is a mid-size city in the Philippines. It is colorful and unique among cities. It’s culture and daily life is rare and priceless. Life is changing fast!  It is the new hub of Technology. Where farms were yesterday, today there are business complexes.  Suburbs now exist to house this new class of Filipinos. These are the  technology experts! These are the leaders of tomorrow. Their numbers are quickly growing. This is the new Lipa.

New to the scene are the Call Centers. Western Corporations have been moving call centers from countries where English skills are limited. Tagalog is generally spoken in the home. Spanish has faded into history. English is the language of business and instruction. Most have an excellent command of the English language. As these call centers become a success story, more are being built. This has become a major factor in the growing middle class. Life is exciting in Lipa. Standards of living are raising.

Religion is the major uniting factor between all Filipinos. Most are Roman Catholic, though many other faiths are also present. The influence of the Roman Catholic Church was seen in the last visit of Pope Francis. The government declared a major holiday during his visit. The streets of Manila were filled with men, women, and children paying homage to this religious leader. Lipa is the center of religious activity in the area. Festivals and religious holidays reign in the streets of Lipa. The cities of Lipa come alive. There is joy in the air. Whole families take to the streets. Parades are abundant.  Lipa celebrates with gusto each and every holiday. It is religion that unites the people.

Education is a major tool in the Philippines. There are several national high schools and universities. There are also 23 existing Catholic schools and  two high school seminaries. There are three college seminaries, and two pastoral centers.  Technological colleges are also springing up.  The demand for educated and skilled workers is immense. The youth are quickly filling the needed jobs. Technology and Call Centers are major success stories in Lipa. Hope and excitement is in the air. Life is good in Lipa!

Lipa is one of the most fascinating cities on the island. The old mingles with the new. Color is everywhere!  Sma

ll family farms still dot the landscape. Fisherman still put their boats out each night. The Wet Markets thrive with fresh fish and vegetables. Merchants are anxious to share their goods.  Newer homes are built next to humble dwellings. Religion is the glue that keeps them all together.

Lipa is the jumping off point to adventure. Taal Lake, Volcano Island, Taal Volcano, and Crater Lake are major tourists attractions in the area. Quality hotels, restaurants, fishing lodges, and diving resorts dot the landscape. Many tour companies have their headquarters here. This is a busy city. It is fast becoming a tourist hub. It is a colorful cultural experience. It is living history being made. It is yesterday and today blended. The cities of Lipa of Batangas Philippines invite you to come. What are you waiting for? Make this the day you make your reservation. There is adventuring waiting! There is excitement in the air. See you in the Philippines!

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