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Lisbon The Stunning Capital City Of Portugal

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Lisbon Is Bursting With Culture And Great Places To Eat! 

Lisbon, a spectacular city, is stunning and impressive. It is one of the most vibrant and gorgeous cities in all of the Western part of Europe. It is a charismatic and culturally alive city, where modern night clubs meet historical churches. The night life is alive and abundant in the city, the climate is magnificent, and history is everywhere.  Lisbon is a marvelous mixture of the old and the modern. History, along with tradition, play an important part in the day to day life of Portugal. Here you will see a perfect blend of the modern and the unique heritage that makes up Portugal.

Lisbon is perhaps one of the greatest cities to visit in Europe, but statistically, it is the least visited of all the capital cities of Europe. Spring is perhaps the nicest time of the year to visit the capital, with its pleasant temperatures. The summers can be rather long and hot, and  the winters are unpredictable, but partly sunny and mild.

The winter months of November through February are partially cloudy to sunny with mild temperatures. But this time of the year is when you will find the best values for visitors to the city. All tourist services remain open 12 months a year and can be quite cost effective during the slow season.  No matter which season you choose, a visit to Lisbon will be culturally abundant, and a marvelous adventure.




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