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Luzon Island Philippines

Lake Taal and within the lake is the active Taal Volcano on Luzon island in the Philippines
Lake Taal and within the lake is the active Taal Volcano on Luzon island in the Philippines

Luzon Island Philippines

Luzon Island is the largest island and the  social and economic center of the Philippines. It is also a well know tourist island. There is much to do and see on Luzon Islalnd. It is home to Manila, the capital city.  Manila is the powerhouse that keeps the country moving.  Luzon Island has more people per capita than any other island. Luzon Island is located in the Northern region of this archipelago of islands. It is one of the most beautiful island in this archipelago of islands.

In the midst of Luzon Island is perhaps one of the most unique lakes in the world. This beautiful and deep blue lake has yet another island inside of her. Taal Lake is also home to Taal Volcano. Taal Volcano is alive and quite active. It is one of the most unusual sights in the world. Taal volcano has her own caldera which is usually partially filled with water. Taal volcano has a very violent past history.  She has erupted some 33 times!  This beautiful volcano is considered to be one of the most deadly volcanoes in The Philippines. All of these eruptions have been  concentrated on Volcano Island. Volcano Island is an island near the center of Taal Lake. Almost 6,000 people have been killed during her eruptions. Like all volcanoes on The Philippines, she sits on the Pacific Ring of Fire.  Though her peaceful look can be deceiving, she is one of the most peaceful and gorgeous volcanoes in the world at this time.

Even the politics of Taal Lake is interesting.  Taal Volcano and Taal Lake are completely governed by the Province of Batangas.  However, the Northern part of Volcano Island is part of the town of Talisay. The southern half of Volcano Island falls under the jurisdiction of San Nicolas.  Now that is a lot of political hoops to jump through. The Philippine government prohibits permanent dwellings on Volcano Island. These rules are ignored by the poor. Like the poor everywhere, they live wherever they can.  Many marginal families live and farm on Volcano Island. Warnings are ignored and many of the poor risk their lives daily to farm this rich island. Volcano island is considered high risk and a permanent Danger Zone.

Climbing up the side of an active volcano is not without risk. What a pleasant horseback ride it is. The ridge of the volcano offers an amazing view of the Philippines. It is an unique experience! It is fun! It is generally low risk.  Are you ready?

Crater Lake Resort is located on the shores of Taal Lake  near Talisay, Batangas. This is a first class resort and is perfect for those who don’t mind a little danger mixed in with exploration. It is fun! It is unique! It is adventurous!  Here you can take horses up to the ridge of the crater. Or if you prefer it is a short climb up the volcano.  The views from the ridge are excellent. What a fun day! If you like nature, you will like Crater Lake Resort.

Today is an excellent day to book your next Philippine adventure.  A whole new world is waiting to be explored. What are you waiting for? Book your visit to Luzon Island today.

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