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Mabanai Indigenous Restaurant Taitung

Salted Fish at Mabanai indigenous restaurant Taitung Taiwan

Mabanai Indigenous Restaurant

Mabanai Indigenous Restaurant in Taitung, Taiwan is a delight. What excitement! What an adventure! Dare to enter an unknown world!  Mabanai Indigenous Restaurant has an authentic aboriginal cuisine in an air-conditioned restaurant. The food is delicious! The servings are generous. The atmosphere of the restaurant is authentic! The staff is professional and friendly. What an adventure! Mabanai is taking traditional Aboriginal cuisine to a whole new level. Rural Taitung County is home to large numbers of the Indigenous Peoples of Taiwan. It is in this setting, that Mabanai Indigenous Restaurant flourishes. It is amazing! It is fun!  Mabanai Indigenous Restaurant has a very unique feeling. You are made to feel welcome.  Adding to the uniqueness are  women dressed in national costume. The costumes are bright! They are beautiful! Dare to explore yesterday! Take a journey among the Aboriginal Tribes.

Menu Highlights

Make room for fresh fish on the menu! The fisherman supply only the freshest fish. Eating at Mabanai is an adventure! The Salted Fish and the Grilled Cuttlebone are both excellent choices. Grilled Squid seems to be a dish ordered by many locals. There are so many  unique platters  at Mabanai.  Be sure to try local favorites with Betel Flowers. Some other fine dishes include betel-nut flower salads and sticky rice and corn. They are delicious!  Another plant that is extremely good is sugar cane. The taste was unusual and fantastic. What an experience in fine dining! Whatever you choose to eat, it is sure to be an adventure in the Indigenous Cuisine of Taiwan. The food is excellent! The service is outstanding! Dare to explore the Indigenous Cuisine! The options seem endless. There are so many exciting vegetables. They are delicious and different! Fern is fabulous. There are over 800 varieties of edible fern. Be sure to try several! The Mabanai cuisine is exciting!


Mabanai Indigenous Restaurant

470 Chuan Guang Rd

Taitung, Taiwan

Prices were reasonable with lunch beginning around 200 NT. The restaurant is open for both lunch and diner.

Taitung is extremely easy to get to from most points in Taiwan. Taiwan has an extremely efficient train and bus system. There are many international flights that travel to Taiwan daily. No matter where you are, it is not hard to travel to Taitung. Following is a website that is dedicated to providing travel information.

Note: If staying in a local hotel in Taitung, they can make your reservations. They can also give order guidelines. English is limited and it takes the stress out of dinner. Just sit back and relax! Enjoy the entertainment. Let dinner be a surprise!

While in Taitung there are many gift shops. Here you will find many of the crafts of the Indigenous Peoples.  Several of the  shops have fantastic native music cd’s. The Old Sugar Mill has many different crafts for sale. You can also watch the artists at work. Taitung is a fun place to be. Rent a bike. Explore the city. Watch the weavers. Learn a new craft. Explore the shops. Find the night market. Taste the famous Taiwanese snacks. Breath  the mountain air!  It is fresh! It is clean! There is lots of adventure in Taitung. Enjoy this mountain city!

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