Malaki Volcanic Crater In Luzon Philippines

Malaki Volcanic crater

Malaki Volcanic Crater In Luzon

Malaki Volcanic Crater, in Luzon, Philippines, is magnificent! Malaki  Crater is the most distinctive crater on Volcano Island. Malaki is also called the "Fake" Taal Volcano. Many are confused and think that it is actually Taal Volcano. Malaki is not Taal Volcano! She is a very beautiful dormant volcano that sits next to Taal Volcano. Malaki is beautiful! She is very photogenic. However, she is a dormant volcano. Malaki does not have a crater lake inside her crater. She is often used for post cards! Malaki is absolutely beautiful!

Many visitors and foreigners come each year to see Taal Volcano. They look out across Taal Lake and see beautiful Malaki. They never see Taal Volcano at all. Malaki is so photogenic and magnificent, that they only assume that she is Taal, herself. This is not Taal, but beautiful Binintiang Malaki.

Binintiang Malaki is only one of the 47 cones and craters of Taal Volcano. She is by far the most photographed, and certainly the most painted. She is the most amazing crater on Volcano Island. If you are standing on Talgaytay Ridge, Taal Volcano is the rather flat volcano behind Binintiang Malaki. In the picture you can see the flat area behind Malaki, that is Taal Volcano. In the background is beautiful Mount Maculot!

Volcano Island has the distinction of having the world's lowest volcano!  How amazing! It is also known for having the world's most deadliest volcanoes. But I also think it is fair to say, that Volcano Island has some of the most magnificent volcano craters in the Philippines.

There are some awesome hikes to be had on Volcano Island. You can also rent horses to bring you to the top. As you climb up to the crater, you will have some of the most fantastic views of Binintiang Malaki. At times the trail narrows and you share it with the many horses. In times like these, the hikers find themselves in very tight spaces with the many horses caring tourists to the top.  Which ever way you choose, the trail going up is beautiful and you will have many photo opts of Binintiang Malaki, Taal Volcano, and of course beautiful Mount Maculot!

Another major activity on Volcano Island is bird watching. There are many resident birds that call Volcano Island home. In addition, it is a stop over for many migratory birds. There are several guided tours just for birdwatchers. If you enjoy bird-watching, you will enjoy Volcano Island.

Volcano Island is restricted and no permanent dwellings are allowed. However, many of the poor have come to the island to live. They make their living by fishing on the lake and farming the rich volcanic soils. The people you will meet are known for their extreme friendliness. The children are very happy and love to pose for pictures.

Besides hiking or horseback riding to the crater of Taal Volcano, you an also choose to go swimming in the crater. It does have a week sulfur content, so it is not advised to stay for too long. However, many feel that the crater has water that is healing to the skin. Certainly, the water is full of many different minerals. Many have said that their rough skin is baby smooth when they come out.

One of the best ways to see Volcano Island is by boat. Whether you rent a motor boat, take a cruise on Taal Lake, or choose to kayak your way around the island, there is much to do at Volcano Island. Since Taal Volcano has mainly been dormant since 1977, all these activities are allowed on the Island and are considered safe.

There is also fishing on the lake and camping is allowed in several places. There are several nice camp grounds on the Island for your enjoyment.  Volcano Island is an awesome place to spend the weekend. There is even a modern resort on the Island.

Whatever you decide to do, Volcano Island is a wonderful place to visit. So relax and enjoy the island. Take a swim in the healing waters! Discover the Island by boat! Hike to the top of Taal Volcano. Take a picture of Binintiang Malaki, However you choose to explore the island, there is adventure on Volcano Island.







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