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Malapascua Island In The Visayan Sea

Malapascua Island's
Malapascua Island’s

Malapascua Island’s Rich Coral Reefs Of The Philippines

Malapascua means ‘unfortunate Christmas’. There is nothing unfortunate about Malapascua Island in the Philippines.  Like so much of the Philippines, the water is a deep aqua blue and the white powdery sand feels awesome between your toes. No need for flip flops as you walk the sandy beaches of Malapascua in the Philippines. Malapascua Island is blessed with some of the most amazing coral reefs off its coast. What a rich island paradise this is! It is a haven for the diver.  Malapascua Island is only one of the 7,107 islands that make up the Philippines.  It is perhaps one of the smallest, but it is for sure, one of the richest. Welcome to diver heaven! Welcome to Malapascua Island In The Visayan Sea Of The Philippines!

Malapascua Island was not discovered until in the early 1990’s. How did they miss something that rich for that long? In the last 25 years it has become center stage for the international diving community. This Island boasts of some of the most fabulous coral gardens in the world. It is a major diving site for local divers and those of international dive experience. It is one of the most interesting and spectacular diving sites in the world. It ranks in the same class as Gato Island, Monad Shoal, and Kemod Shoal. What a discovery Malapascua Island turned out to be.

Malapascua Island has been blessed with a huge variety of dive sites for such a tiny island. There are dives for the more experienced diver and the beginner diver alike. Here you can see a vast variety of marine life. There are amazing wreck sites just off shore, areas for coral dives, muck dives and yes, the famous wall dives. Malapascua Island has been rated as one of the top world diving sites. The unique variance of the area is simply amazing. If you are a diver, this is the place to be. It is fascinating! It is a divers paradise!

Malapascua Island is most often acclaimed as perhaps the only place in the world where you will most often see the Thresher Shark. The Thresher Shark is mysterious and extremely elusive. Malapascua Island is off the Northern coast of Cebu in the Philippines. It is perhaps only 30 minutes from the famous Gato Island. Malapascua Island has a country charm. It is not especially developed. It only received reliable 24 hour electricity in  mid 2010. Here you will find the delights of discovering something that is off the beaten track. There are no 5 Star resorts or luxury hotels. What you will find is a sleepy and unspoiled island with a wealth of natural resources. You will find friendly islanders anxious to help you enjoy their island. There are plenty of small family run guest houses. These guest houses are clean, charming and romantic. What more do you need? Malapasca Island welcomes you to come and discover all that makes her a world class diving site. Come walk her pristine beaches….leave your flip flops in your room! Feel the soft sand in your toes! Dine on the white sand, overlooking the beautiful aqua blue water! Relax from a wall dive under the shade of an umbrella. Whatever you desire, you will find it on Malapascua Island. Grab your passport, and pack your bag. Make this the year you discover Malapascua Island, Philippines!

Published on [email protected] on March 18, 2017