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The Many Colors Of Glacier Bay Mountains

Glacier Bay

 Glacier Bay Mountains, Alaska

Glacier Bay is ever changing, it is living history, it is resilient, remote, spectacular among glaciers, and one of the most amazing mountain glacier bays in the world. It is a part of the Alaskan homeland, it is a wilderness reserve, a frontier, and a part of the World Heritage Sites. It is a living laboratory, where the glacier and the animals that call it home are studied. It’s location in the Land of the Midnight Sun, makes it unique and special among all the world’s mountain glaciers. It’s colors are amazing and vary from minute to minute. Did you even know that there were so many shades of white and blue? Welcome to the Glacier Bay Mountains!

Glacier Bay National Park is one of the world’s largest and wildest land reserves. The park reserve is bordered by beautiful snow covered mountains, spectacular and large moving glaciers, and forests that are as green as an emerald.The bay below, is a complete marine park welcoming boaters to discover its many inlets, secret harbors, and coves. If you are looking for a water adventure, then there are many ways to explore this magnificent bay.

From the tallest mountain to the sea below, Glacier Bay’s wildness is  unique, a complete ecosystem, and extremely remote. This is a land that is almost untouched by human existence. It is a land that is birthing small glaciers into the bay below, constantly on the move, with intriguing and mysterious events. It is a wilderness seldom seen, as only the seasoned explorer has dared to search out her hidden secrets. This is one of the special places that can be found in the land of the midnight sun.

Glacier Bay is a marine sanctuary where hope is alive in every corner of this remote mountain paradise. Here you will discover hidden wisdom, as this piece of wilderness in the remote parts of Alaska bring hope and peace to a world that has neither. Hope for tomorrow and the wisdom to make it happen. The Tlingit Tribe call this constantly moving glacier a part of their ancestral homeland. Here, in this amazing place they find inspiration as they make their livelihood from the sea. Artists find inspiration to draw, paint, and create treasures that they share with travelers who see value in their spectacular treasures.

This is a land of change, that only those who truly are willing to leave the comforts of life will ever discover. Here you will see marine and land animals that are seldom seen by outsiders. This is a world where silence offers unique opportunities to see sights and sounds that few have ever heard. If you have the  resilience needed to discover this remote land of spacious grandeur, then Alaska bids you come. There are many tours that will take you way back into the backcountry surrounding Glacier Bay. You will uncover it’s secrets and see it’s hidden beauty. This is one of the amazing adventures waiting for you in the Land of the Midnight Sun.

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