Marine Animals In The Spotlight On The Pacific Ocean Of The USA

 Massive Northern Elephant Seals At Piedras Blanca San Simeon California

These Massive Northern Elephant Seals live in the warm waters of the California Pacific Ocean and Northern Baja California.Much of their life is spent at sea, only coming in to remote and rocky beaches during times of breeding, and when they give birth. They also come into these areas when they are ready to molt. The majority of their life they live at sea.

There was a time when thousands upon thousands Elephant Seals lived in The Pacific, then in the 1800’s they were slaughtered till less than 100 Seals. All this for their blubber which gave a valuable oil. Both the US and Mexico protect them now and there are as many as 160,000 living Seals in the Pacific again.

These massive animals can be fun to watch, as they are quite comical at times.

  “I Want To Play!” Elephant Seal Pup At Piedras Blancas Rookery San Simeon California

 “The Beach Is My Happy Place” At San Simeon California   

 “Seals Playing On The Buoy” On The Northern Inside Passage In Petersburg Alaska

These Harbor Seals are at play and having a lot of fun. When fishing, they can dive more than a quarter mile for their dinner. They love Halibut! They are also able to fish for almost an hour under the water, when necessary.

Steller Sea Lions Resting In The Sun On The Rocks Near Sea Lion Caves Near Florence Oregon

These Northern Sea Lions are many times confused with the California Sea Lions. They are much larger than their California Cousins, often grow to 11 feet long and can weigh as much as 2,500 pounds.

When traveling on the West Coast from Alaska to California, keep diligent watch and who knows what you will see. There are many different types of Marine Animals that live in the Pacific. The next time you come, take a leisurely drive up Highway 101 from California to Washington. It follows the beach side most of the time. Have fun and begin building your own collection of Amazing Marine Animals.


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