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Masada Adventure In The Judaean Desert


Masada Adventure In The Judaean Desert

Masada, King Herod’s fortress in the sky, is magnificent! The journey to get there is breathtaking! As you board the cable care and ascend up the side of this rugged fortress, you have unbelievable views of the Judaean Desert. Look beyond the desert and you will see the Dead Sea. Masada, the royal citadel of King Herod, sits on the top of an isolated cliff on the edge of the Judaean Desert. It overlooks the magnificent Dead Sea Valley. During the time of King Herod, the way to get to Masada was difficult and treacherous. Today, you can approach from the West and make an easy 60 minute climb up the Snake Path. Coming from the East, it is even easier. The cable car brings you quickly up the side of this rocky bluff. It is fast! It is easy!What amazing views of  the Dead Sea, Masada, Gomorrah, Sodom, and Ein Gedi.

The journey is an adventure! The views of Ein Gedi, an oasis in the Judaean Desert, are amazing. The valley leading to the Dead Sea has beautiful waterfalls and is a garden in the harsh wilderness of the desert. The water comes from the fresh water springs that flow down from the cliffs to the valley below. The extreme heat and the harshness of the desert is tempered by the bountiful springs from above.

Sodom and Gomorrah were two of the five cities of the plain. These were well watered and green. They were suitable for grazing livestock. They have often been referred to in history as the Garden of Eden of the Desert. From the cable car, you have views of these areas at the edge of the Dead Sea Valley where they are thought to have been.

As you ascend the cliff, you see views of the fortress itself. Masada is well preserved and beautiful. You also see glimpses of caves in the side of the rock. Masada stands 440 feet above The Dead Sea. Masada is completely isolated and fortified with deep gorges on all sides. This formidable rock is a natural place to build a fortress. Completely isolated with very limited access.

Look out across the valley and you have beautiful vistas of the saltiest sea on earth. The blue sea with the white salt is beautiful, even from a distance. This must be one of the most fantastic valleys in the world. Welcome to the Dead Sea, a place of refuge for King David and others who came after him. The Dead Sea was the worlds first health resort. Herod The Great made full use of this outstanding resource in his day. Looking across the valley, you can see the many modern day health resorts that line the shores.

What an amazing adventure! The ride up to Masada is beautiful and unique. In this brief ride, you will be amazed by the valley views. What grander! Mount Sodom stands in the background! This is the world of Masada! It is the unique beauty of the Dead Sea Valley! Be sure and savor the glimpses of the Jordan Rift Valley. This is the magnificent beauty of the Judaean Desert!  All abroad……your cable car is ready to leave!