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Matanuska Glacier—Alaska USA

Matanuska Glacier

Matanuska Glacier—Alaska USA

Matanuska Glacier is one of the worlds awesome wonders. How majestic it is!  The Matanuska Glacier is an amazing sight when traveling between Palmer and Glennallen. The ice sparkles in the winter sunlight! It is clean and beautiful with a new layer of snow. This is unsuppressed beauty, Alaskan style.  It is so fantastic that Alaska Magazine made it number two of the top forty-nine places to visit in the State of Alaska. Is it on your bucket list? It should be on everyone’s To Do List! It is too magnificent to miss!

Where does this beautiful glacier come from? The Matanuska Glacier begins high up in the Chugach Mountain Range of South Central Alaska. It is visible for much of the drive on the Glenn Highway National Byway. One of the best view points is at Glacier View, Alaska. This is the perfect view! The Matanuska Glacier is the largest glacier in Alaska that you can reach by car. It is truly a beautiful sight and goes for about 26 mile and is 4 miles wide at its widest point. It is truly a privilege to see this remarkable work of nature. It is one of the wonders of Alaska! Come and See….Matanuska Glacier!

For those living in the Greater Anchorage area, it is only a two hour drive north east of the city.  Take the Glenn Highway out of the city. This beautiful glacier can be seen for miles. Be patient though, there are some views that do not have safe parking. There are many large wayside areas to stop at, if you just wait. These vistas give you a safe place to enjoy this amazing and magnificent view.  Come and see, what’s in your own back yard!

Matanuska Glacier Recreation Area covers more than 229 acres. This vista is located at mile post 101. There is no access to the glacier from there, but the view is amazing. It is a very popular spot for photographers. There is an easy walking trail that goes along the side of the glacier and the  Matanuska River. There is also  a nice pavilion that makes a perfect spot to relax and enjoy the magnificent views.  What a fun way to relax. Relaxation with a view!

For those who are hardy and adventurous, Matanuska Glacier Park is at milepost 102. This is a private parking area and a parking fee is charged. This is the only point where you can access the glacier. The fee allows you to drive right up to the side of this amazing glacier and park. There is a trail and it is about a fifteen minute walk to the glacier. Once you reach the glacier, you can choose to explore to your heart’s content, or use one of several guide companies on site. Which ever you choose, be ready for the experience of a lifetime.There is nothing like it!

The Sheep Mountain and Glacier View communities welcome you to come spend a day or a week. These are two of the most fantastic communities in this area. The scenery is awesome! The wildlife is amazing! And yes, there are fantastic places to stay and quality restaurants. There are even cabins overlooking the glacier. There are real Alaskan lodges. What are you waiting for? Matanuska Glacier is waiting to delight you with the adventure of a lifetime. Come and see, what’s in your own back yard.




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