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Mickeys Soundsational Festive Parade

Mickey's Soundsational Festive Parade at #Disneyland Park in Southern California

Mickeys Soundsational Festive Parade

Mickeys Soundsational Festive Parade has hit the streets. Who is that leading the way? It’s Mickey Mouse, of course! Mickey is on the drums…the beat has begun. This sensational parade celebrates songs, both old and new. Mickey Mouse strikes up a melody from the past with the beat of the new. Mickeys Soundsational Festive Parade has begun. Come on now, lets celebrate!

Mickey is joined on his large float by Disney characters Minnie Mouse and Pluto. Mickey has been a favorite with children young and old since the 1950’s. Micky Mouse is our favorite “mouseketeer!” Did you know that Micky Mouse is 86 years old? Wow, not a gray hair on him! What a youthful face!

Connected to the large float is a smaller one. Look, there is Goofy! Sure enough, our old friend Goofy is helping to lead the way. Anything can happen with our old friend, Goofy! It is time to celebrate!

Music In The Air

Olaf, lovable and adorable, has arrived. He is fresh off the set of “Frozen.” He is dreaming of warm days and sunny beaches. After all, this is sunny California USA.  He is quickly joined by  colorfully costumed musicians and  energetic dancers. Music is everywhere! Celebration is in the air! They are singing and dancing their way down Mickeys Soundsational Festive Parade. Look, there is Prince Ali! Look at him, all decked out in front of a big golden gong. He is quickly joined by his dance team. Genie is in the lead with six harem girls and a coin dancer. The days of Aladdin have come to life at Mickey’s Soundsational Festive Parade.

A top a float with gigantic flowers and enormous mushrooms sits Tinkerbell. She is so very tiny! Look, there goes Capitan Hook! He runs around the floats in festive colors. What is he trying to do? Oh no, I think he is after Peter Pan. Is that Mr. Smee helping him? What will Peter Pan do? I think I see the Butterfly Girls! They singing and dancing their way down the street. Joy is in the air! It is time to dance at Mickey’s Soundsational Festive parade.

The Streets Are Alive With Dancing And Singing

It’s a Jazz Jubilee from the streets of Louisiana. The world’s greatest jazz comes frolicking down the street. Mickey is fresh from the Bayou with all his friends from the movie,  The Princess and The Frog. Bright and colorful costumed  dancers  twirl with the music. Hear the beat of the drums. The saxophone reigns king in the Bayou. Look at Minnie dance to the rhythm of the newest tunes.

Look, there is Donald Duck! Donald is surround on all sides by exotic dancers. What fun is in the air! Oh my, as the next float turns the coroner we catch sight of all the Disney Princess. What beauty! What grace! Walk on the wild side with all your friends from The Lion King. What fun for all! No matter which is your favorite movie, you will see them all at Mickeys Soundsational Festive parade. Mickeys Soundsational Festive Parade at Disneyland immerses visitors in tunes from all the past .  Disney’s  Mary Poppins and friends sing ” Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!”

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