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Mount Precipice In Northern Israel

Mount Of Precipice

Mount Precipice In Northern Israel

Mount Precipice lies just to the south of the small village of Nazareth. Nazareth was the childhood home of Jesus. Mount Precipice is hidden among the cliffs of Mt Kedumim. This is thought to be the traditional site where an angry mob tried to throw Jesus off the cliff. Jesus had just made his bold proclamation as to who he was in their Nazareth synagogue.  (Luke 4:16-30). He ended his discourse by telling them that a prophet had no honor in his own land. That did it, and the people ran him out of the town. They attempted to get him on the mount. There they thought to throw him off the cliff. It was here that he went out from among them.

Mount Precipice is a beautiful mount. It  offers a panoramic view of the checkered Jezreel Valley. It is magnificent! The Jezreel Valley is a large fertile plain that lays to the south of the Lower Galilee. The Jezreel Valley has some of the most rich and fertile farmland in all of Israel. It is a place with many beautiful views. The Jezreel Valley is the agricultural bread basket of Israel. It is an area that is extremely rich in natural springs. The water tastes fantastic! It is clear and clean! It is abundant!

Gaze your eyes to the South and you will see the Samaritan Highlands.The Samaritan hills are low, seldom reaching even a half mile high. Samaria has a mild climate, and long growing season. Look further South and you will see Mount Gilboa. Mount Gilboa borders the Jezreel valley. Also look out at the South and you will see beautiful Mount Tabor. Come to Mount Tabor early in the morning for some of the most fantastic sunrises in the Land.

Look out to the North and see the Israeli city of Afula, the capital of the valley. It earned it’s name because of its strategic location in the Jezreel Valley. Gaze toward the Sea of Galilee and Tiberias comes into sight. Named for the Empire Tiberius, this city sits on the shores of the beautiful Sea of Galilee.

During the last century Mount Precipice was used as a quarry. It is now abandoned. Highway 60 goes through a tunnel dug in the mountain side. The tunnel is on the site of the old quarry. The tunnel connects Afula and the Jezreel Valley. The top of the Mount remains one of the most fantastic vistas in Israel.

In 2009,in preparation for the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Israel, a 40,000-seat outdoor stadium was built on the mount. This would forever change Mount Precipice. This magnificent stadium was added to the north side of Mount Precipice. It was at this stadium that Pope Benedict XVI said an open air mass for thousands of Roman Catholics.

Israel is beautiful! It is abundant in water!  It is filled with fertile farmland. It is the Land of Milk and Honey! Come to Mount Precipice and gaze over the Land.  Walk in the footsteps of Jesus…..take a step on the Jesus Road!

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