My visit to Amsterdam

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 Hello from Holland!

Amsterdam has so much history and a personality that is uniquely Holland.  From Tulips to old world architecture in every building, with so much I have yet to see my heart is thrilled to say, “Let’s Go!”

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Tulips are everywhere, the colors of Holland I love.

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Walking along the picturesque Dutch Canals of Amsterdam.

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     I had always wanted to see Anne Franks House, her story is so sad and inspirational.

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The House of Anne Frank was the hiding place where Anne Frank wrote her famous Diary, right in the heart of Amsterdam!


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 The fairytale charm is a dream while walking the streets of Amsterdam.

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Entering the Royal Palace of Amsterdam is a must see, every step has style in glorious history.

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I have always wanted to see all of Amsterdam, so the famous Westerkerk Bell Tower was my next stop.  Climbing the very steep steps and very narrow stairs is challenging.  But I want to see the top, keep going ~ keep going!

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Passing by the Westerkerk Church Bell on the way up the Bell Tower.  This is the largest church in Amsterdam and was built between 1619 – 1631.  This spot still remains today the pride of Amsterdam.

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It was well worth the climb, I am loving the City View on the top of Westerkerk Bell Tower in Amsterdam.  Now how am I going to get down?


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Before I leave, I have to try the famous Dutch Cheeses in Amsterdam. “Cheese Glorious Cheese!”


  I love Amsterdam!  

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