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Ocean Adventures Around The World

Ocean Adventures Around The World

Kicking It Up A Notch On The Vast Sea That Surrounds Taiwan

Kayaking anywhere is an adventure waiting to happen, but it is time to pump up the adrenaline and head to the Sea. The coastlines of Taiwan are breathtaking from the shores of the island, how much more from the sea? Just imagine seeing these majestic picturesque cliffs from your own private theater in the sea.  Think about being up-close with  awesome marine life. The things you can see can not be written by another. The possibilities are endless.

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Exploring The Philippine Islands By Banca Boat

Is there any better way to explore a country made up of islands ? No other boat is as well loved as the Banca Boat. It is like a double Outriger used by the indigenous peoples from the Visayas region of the Philippines, a country made up of over 7,000 islands.  It is generally powered by air-cooled gas engines up to 16hp.   The Banca boat varies in size according to it’s intended use. Banca boats can literately do anything, that other boats can. Banca boats are used as ferries, fishing boats, diving boats, leisure boats, and for a host of other activities.

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The Joy Of Surfing In San Diego, California USA

In doubt of what to do? Then paddle on out and hit the next big one. There is a magical experience waiting in each wave. While in Crystal Pier, just north of Pacific Beach, watch the skies as the Kite Surfers take to the air.   Not even a storm holds them back. Trestles, Black’s and Windansea Beaches  have some of the best world class competitions around. These are the beaches where the best of the best surf and who knows who you will  see.

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 Pristine Volcanic Sand Beach In Taitung Taiwan  

The sun is sparkling on the black sand and the white waves glide into shore. Nothing is more marvelous than a black sand beach, tall and wild waves, and a pumped up adrenaline. It is time to hit the beach…Are you ready?

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Scuba Diving In The Waters Around Green Island Taiwan  

Green Island has several magnificent views including the most awesome sunrises. It is worth the effort to come early, as sunrise is a treat. The island also has many ancient trees that are sacred to the Indigenous people of the area. Often in the afternoon large massive sets of clouds come rolling in from the sea. These Sea Clouds are like large white billows. They are absolutely stunning. So when the diving is finished, tarry and enjoy this amazing  volcanic island. Make this a double Green Island adventure.

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Snorkeling The Warm Emerald Waters Of The Visayas In The Philippine Islands

The area of the Visayas has splendorous coral beds with over 2,000 varieties of fish that call these beds home during  the year. Snorkeling is as easy as putting on your shoes, and no diving certificates are needed. It has truly been called a family sport and can be done by the very old and even school age children. With so many possibilities, who knows what you will see. Are you ready for a snorkeling adventure?

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Fishing Boats Ready To Sail The Sea Surrounding Northern Taiwan

Fishing is an ancient art, as well as a way of life in Taiwan. Many fishing villages exist to the beat of the fishing boat, as it goes from day to day.

The Oceans of the World are filled with adventure. The only thing lacking is you!



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