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Old ‪‎Jaffa‬ Port Tel Aviv

Old Jaffa Port

Old ‪‎Jaffa‬ Port Tel Aviv

Old ‪‎Jaffa‬ Port is one of the oldest ports in the world. Historians believe it is the only port in the world that has had uninterrupted use for more than 4,000 years. For 4,000 years it has always been the port of entrance to Israel! It was the first thing ancient traders saw. Pilgrims began their pilgrimage in the Old ‪‎Jaffa‬ Port. It was the first thing tourists saw who were arriving by boat. The beautiful Old ‪‎Jaffa‬ Port has stood out in history. Before people began to fly, it was your first view of Tel Aviv. It has always been the gateway to Israel. Old ‪‎Jaffa‬ Port was the only port of entry until recent years. What a beautiful port it is!

Since 1968, Israel has spent a lot of money upgrading and refurbishing this amazing old city of Jaffa. Now it is a major tourist hub. Some of the most amazing market places can be found in the Old ‪‎Jaffa‬ Port area.  Jaffa has an unique artistic area with a colony of artists. Many different types of arts and crafts call this quaint colony home. The Artists quarters is filled with ancient homes, art studios, art galleries and museums. This quaint section of the city of Jaffa has narrow winding alleys. The apartments have balconies filled with plants and flowers. A small table and chairs are a must for every balcony space. The Mediterranean climate is perfect for having dinner outside.

The streets of the Old ‪‎Jaffa‬ Port area are small and winding. Many of their names reflect the names and signs of the Zodiac. Nestled among the alleys are the market places. Small street cafes dot the landscape. How pleasant it is to have some fresh bread and fruit with your morning tea. The weather is perfect to enjoy this early morning delight outside on the sidewalk. Everywhere you go, you will see these small restaurants with outdoor seating. The food is good and there is nothing like fresh air. What a wonderful way to begin your day!

Jaffa Harbor is renovated and beautiful! Gaze out across the harbor and you will see the modern city of Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is the first city in Israel. With the advent of air travel, she is the gateway to Israel. But nothing is more rewarding than a couple of days in the Old ‪‎Jaffa‬ Port area. Jaffa city is filled with the most amazing market places. You will find almost anything Israel. On every coroner you will find a bread shop. The wonderful aroma of fresh baked bread fills the air.  Not to be left out, are the many sweet shops. Some of the best being the cake shops. Samples are offered everywhere, so be sure to indulge. One sample and you will have to have a cake.

Another major shop throughout Jaffa are the fruit stands. This is the land of fresh fruit. Two things that seem to be on every table is fresh fruit and fresh bread. These little fruit markets are filled with a vast variety of local fruits. The dates and pears are magnificent. They are extremely good for you and very tasty. There is nothing like beginning your day with fresh local fruit.

Be sure to begin and end your day with the local teas. There is nothing like a good hot cup of tea. The teas of Israel are especially good. The people of Israel love their tea! They drink it several times a day! Different teas are for different needs. So, sit back and enjoy a hot cup of refreshing tea. You will surely get the perfect tea for the occasion.

Eating in Israel is a delightful experience. In Old Jaffa and all around the Old ‪‎Jaffa‬ Port area, you will find many quality cafes. You will find that most restaurants serve only the finest Kosher foods. You will not find both dairy and meat, as it is not Kosher to eat them together. Eating Kosher has never been easier! It also goes without saying, there will be no pork, on your plate.

The Old ‪‎Jaffa‬ Port area is a perfect area to take a walk and enjoy the sunset. Your day has been full, and now it is time to relax. A nice walk along the harbor is the perfect way to end the day. Tomorrow is another day, it is another adventure in Jaffa.

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