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Old Jaffa Port Tel Aviv In Israel

Old Jaffa Port

Old Jaffa Port Tel Aviv In Israel

Old Jaffa Port, where yesterday and tomorrow meet. It is the symbol of yesterday. It was the gateway to Israel in the pre-airline time. Now it is the highlight of a Jaffa experience. Old Jaffa Port has amazing upscale shops. At the Port you can buy what you will never find elsewhere. You will discover today’s finest products. It is the highlight of the fashion world. It is distinctive! It has character and charm! At Old Jaffa Port, the old melds with the new. Explore yesterday, while discovering tomorrow. Begin your Israel Adventure at the Old Jaffa Port.

Historians and Archaeologists  believe that Jaffa is the only port in the world which has been inhabited without interruption since its beginning.  It is believed that the cedars from Lebanon used for the construction of King Solomon’s Temple came into the land via Jaffa. These were amazing trees and the temple was one of beauty and outstanding workmanship. There was nothing in the known world that could compare with Solomon’s Temple.

Old Jaffa Port had a glorious past. Much of the population of Jaffa in the 1960’s were poor. This began to have an effect on this magnificent port. In 1968 the government stepped in to refurbish the area. The result is a vibrate modern port city, with a historic past. It is beautiful! It is unique! It is living Israel history!

Old Jaffa has become one of Israel’s major tourist attractions. It’s streets are filled with artists’ quarters, quaint studios and magnificent art galleries. Only Jerusalem has more art galleries and a larger artists’ quarter. Modern shops cater to  Judaica, jewelry, and clothing. Small shops line the narrow alleyways. These small alleys are named after the symbols of the Zodiac. Interesting to find these street names in one of Israel’s oldest towns.

Old Jaffa is a romantic community. It is a town where there are places to walk and bike. Jaffa is  within the greater city of Tel Aviv.  Tel Aviv is a metropolis and Israel’s first city. Tel Aviv is a city that never sleeps. Old Jaffa is a town that moves slowly. It is a seaside village.  It is home to amazing gardens and parks. It is a quaint city. It is a city for families. Time moves slow in Old Jaffa Port.

Jaffa is home to the Mediterranean’s mightiest waves. They pound the shore with natures rhythm. They are the time piece for this old port city. Nature chooses the speed of the passing days. As the Mediterranean is, so is this vibrate and romantic village by the sea.

Take time to explore this unique coastal city. Engage in the life of the markets. A visit to Jaffa’s flea market is always delightful. Is there anything you can not find at the flea market? Take time to explore the world of the bakeries.  The bakery is the hub of the home. Fresh baked bread is a must in every home and at every table. Explore the world of the arts. Discover the textiles fresh off the loom. Compare their colors and styles. Relish the old, while embracing the new. Old Jaffa Port is unique and a must for every visit to Israel.

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