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Paiwan Tribes Of Taiwan Team with new friends Dario and Joy, in the rich culture of the Paiwan and Rukai Tribes at Sandiman Village in Southern Taiwan Team with new friends Dario and Joy, in the rich culture of the Paiwan and Rukai Tribes at Sandiman Village in Southern Taiwan

Paiwan Tribes Of Taiwan

Paiwan Indigenous Tribal people are referred to as  the “descendants of the Paipshe snake.” The Paiwan reverance the snake making it almost a deity. The likeness of the Paipushe Snake can be found on their clothing as well as totem pole carvings. The Paiwan are prohibited from eating any type of snake meat. This is strictly enforced by the Tribal Chief. The chief is the ruler of the tribe. He also enforces the social classes of the people. Each class can be determined by their name.

Why is the Paipushe Snake so valuable?  The Paipushe Snake is the elder, therefore the worship of the Paipushe Snake is almost like a type of Ancestor Worship. These snakes are considered the protective spirits of the tribe. These snakes are thought to bring peace to the tribe as needed. This ancestor worship is still found today, especially in the mountains.

There are  four very distinct groups of the Paiwan Tribe, each with their own distinct culture. They are the Northern, the Southern, the Eastern, and the Central Tribes.Each of these tribes has their own fascinating habits and dress.

The Northern Tribes have been heavily influenced by the Wutai Hsiang Rukai Tribe.  The Paiwan who live in Lawaer Village of Northern Taiwan have accepted many of the traits of the Wutai Hsiang Rukai Tribe. Two main examples of this is the inheritance being passed down by the lines of the eldest male. They also wear the lily like the Wutai Hsiang Rukai.

The Southern Paiwan Tribe has been greatly influenced by the Chinese and the Ami due to their close cultures. The Southern Paiwan Tribe is historically famous for their resistance of the Japanese during the Japanese invasion.

The Central Paiwan Tribe is the only group that has been able to retain their own unique culture, the ancient customs, and the rituals of the tribe. Geographically, they are more isolated and have managed not to lose their cultural significance and differences. Their cuisine has remained the same. They dress the ancient Paiwan way. Their lifestyle reflects Paiwan Culture.  You are in for a treat on your next visit to the Central Paiwan Tribe.

The culture of the Eastern Paiwan living in Bakaluo Village are the most varied of all the groups. There is a mixture of the Puyuma and the Ami  cultures. This is displayed the most in their dress and lifestyle. They have accepted the dress and everyday lifestyle of the Ami culture. There is almost no trace of the own unique lifestyle.

All four of the Paiwan Tribal groups are different and you will experience a completely different adventure with each group. What a fun day awaits you. Plan to spend some time in each area and enjoy the art, music and culture of the Paiwan. They are a friendly tribe and each has a uniquely different cuisine. Dare to spend the day with them! Take time to be their guest for dinner.   On your next trip to Taiwan, discover the Paiwan Tribe. What an adventure is waiting in Taiwan.

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