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Panaon Island Philippines

Panaon Island

Panaon Island Philippines

Panaon Island is a special island that is surrounded by Mindanao Deep. This area is often visited by magnificent pods of Dolphins and schools of impressive Whales. What a morning this is! How amazed you are as you return home from a night of fishing! What magnificent creatures you have just seen! How awesome it is to return home through these deep blue waters! Welcome  to a life in a tropical paradise. Welcome to Panaon Island.

Have you ever desired to dive in an area where the land is lightly touched by commercial interests? Have you dreamed of going where people are still real and genuinely friendly? Would you like to dive where the coral reefs are amazing? Do you desire to see water that radiates a deep blue. If you want to dive in the land of paradise, come dive around Panaon Island. Panaon Island has the biggest reefs in Southern Leyte. Come join us in the land of paradise!

Standing tall between the mainland of Southern Leyte and Panaon Island is Wana bridge. It is a beautiful steel bridge that is now called Diosdado Macapagal Bridge. It is under this magnificent bridge that some the most amazing drift dives in the Philippines takes place. Here in this amazing channel, you will find dives that have no words. Under the bridge is where it all happens. It is challenging and exhilarating! This area has strong alternating currents! This is not a dive for the novice! Panaon Island is surrounded by some of the most fabulous coral reefs. Not only is the water is filled with rich coral reefs but there are also many caves in the area. If you are an experienced diver, then this is the dive of your dreams!

Panaon Island is home to some amazing people. For them, the island is paradise! Life is simple, serene,extremely peaceful and  laid back, Many of the people are farmers or fisherman. Life revolves around the land or the sea. There is a steady and simple rhythm to life here in Panaon, Philippines.

The farmers revolves their whole day around the plants of the field. When it is time to plant or harvest things are busy. The rest of the year the day is simple and restful. In order to be a farmer in Panaon, Philippines, you must be able to live a quiet life, void of a lot of outside stimulus.

For the fisherman, the day revolves around the see. The sea is beautiful, it is lustrous, waiting for you to discover it. For the fisherman the whole night is spent on the fantastic waves. They quietly wait to hear or see  a school of fish. They fish all night and come home the next morning to sleep. While they sleep, others clean the boats and mend the nets. Setting up for the next night. It is a simple life but a rewarding one.

The pier is a beautiful boulevard for strolling, or jogging. It has just the right amount of atmosphere for couples to enjoy a quiet night out. The sea is beautiful and the sunsets are amazing. The luster of the waterr is waiting to be discovered.  Romance is in the air. Some modern amenities are coming to Panaon Island, but for the most part it is still quiet and peaceful. Here you will find a way of life that has changed little over the years. If you have a yearning for nature and simpler times, you will love Panaon Island.

Panaon Island is beautiful, peaceful, friendly, and inviting. The residents are waiting to introduce you to their island. Whether, you are a diver who is looking for the perfect drift diving, or an adventurer looking for natures best, Pananon Island is the perfect vacation. All that is missing is you!