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A Peaceful Afternoon On The Chena River

A Peaceful Afternoon On The Chena River - A large body of water surrounded by trees - Temperate broadleaf and mixed forest

The Chena River Where It Runs Through Fairbanks, Alaska

The magnificent Chena River begins way up in the snow-covered White Mountains. There are five forks, but all combine into one and flow through downtown Fairbanks. The Chena River is fed from a spring and has many sights along the way. Along this interesting river are many campgrounds and other places that are interesting. The upper section of the river is almost impassable in places. Most people begin any trip from the Chena Hot Springs Resort. A great place and they have many tours. Most tours are 5 to 7 days. The river itself is around 50 miles from this point.

There are many places you can camp as you float down the river. Also any gravel bars are good camping spots. The summer winds help to keep away the insects. Make sure to camp above the high water areas, in case of summer rains.  There are several campgrounds near by the second bridge and close to the Rosehip area. Be careful during late summer, as the bears come down to the river to fish. Beavers and moose are also likely to be hanging around the river during this time.

This is an outstanding Alaska adventure. The summer days are long and warm. It is the perfect time for a river adventure.


A Peaceful Afternoon On The Chena River - A close up of a tree - Hotel

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