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Persimmons: Health Secrets From Taiwan


Persimmons: Health Secrets From Taiwan

Persimmons, a major fruit found in Taiwan and most of Southeast Asia, are a powerhouse of nutrition. They are a deep yellow to orange in color and resemble a tomato in shape. They have a very sweet taste and make an excellent desert. They are delicious! They are a delightful treat! They are best fresh, though they are excellent as snacks when dried. If drying, dry slowly on low heat to preserve the vitamins. Most like to dry foods and then put into bags and run through a sealer. That helps them to last longer, than just putting into baggies. Freezing your dried foods also helps to prolong their freshness.

Persimmon leaves also make an excellent tea. Just pick leaves that are untreated and triple wash. Watch the back side of leaf carefully for bugs. Dry in the sun or in any food dryer. Persimmons are extremely delicious and are very good for your health. Persimmon tea is a delight! It is also good mixed with green tea.

Persimmons are excellent for weight loss, as they are high in fiber and have a lot of water content. If working out or doing active yard or house work, eat your persimmon first and then work off the sugar content as energy. The high water content of the fruit will help replenish the water that the body loses in sweat and also curtails sugar cravings.

Persimmons contains Lutein Zeaxanthin which is an Isomer. Isomers are a common Carotenoid alcohol present in nature. They are a superfood for the eyes. These Isomers are helpful in maintaining and improving vision and the general health of the eye.  Lutein works on the retina and stops eye related degenerative diseases like Macular Degeneration. It has also been known to prevent the growth of cataracts of the eye.

Persimmons have a high amount of fiber. Fiber provides roughage that the body needs during digestion. It is essential to improving the digestion process. Persimmons also contains a large amount of a nutrient that is believed to protect from free radicals. Free radicals are responsible for all types of cancer. Free radicals are believed by many to not only be responsible for causing cancer,  but also premature ageing.

Potassium  is an abundant trace metal found in the Persimmon fruit. Potassium helps in regulating optimum blood pressure. Potassium widens  the blood vessels and relaxes muscles in the body. It also is considered by many to be an excellent pain reliever for muscle pain. Persimmons are loaded with Potassium. What is there not to love about persimmons? Try one today.

Persimmons will grow in any tropical or subtropical climate. They can also be grown in large pots on the patio. They are an easy tree to grow. Fruit usually appears the fourth or fifth year.

Make persimmons one of the many fruits you discover on this years Taiwan vacation. Set aside a few days to study the many superfruits of this small island and take the wisdom home. For those living in a Northern climate, there are many places that you can order organic dried persimmons. Dried persimmons are an awesome snack. So grab your passport and pack your bag. See you at the Taiwanese fruit market.

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