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Sea Food Dishes From Around The World

Sea Food Dishes From Around The World

 Delicious Maja Squinado Spider Crab In The Shell From Lisbon, Portugal

Maja Squinado Spider Crab in the shell is served with plenty of garlic shrimp. This master piece from Portugal is a seafood lovers dream. You will find it in all of the best gourmet restaurants in Lisbon, Portugal. If there is a Portuguese gourmet favorite, Maja Squinado Spider Crab is in the running. It is a dream come true for those who love seafood.

Sea Food Dishes From Around The World2

 Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge 8 (Local fish dish) 

In the surrounding area around the Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge there is a local fish dish which had its origins with the indigenous peoples living in the area of the bridge. This area has been one of the historical fishing spots for generations. Out of this lifestyle of fishing and cooking what was caught, came a delightful delicacy that is delicious. If you go to any of the eateries in the area of the bridge this will be the featured gourmet special. It is with great pride that this is cooked and served just like it has always been done for centuries.

Sea Food Dishes From Around The World3

Hot And Spicy Crab From Taiwan

Hot and Spicy Crab is a Taiwanese masterpiece that is cooked in a soup made from over 100 mushrooms. It is often served with a generous amount of fried mud clams in a very spicy sauce. Then it is followed by a large pot of soup. The soup is generally made with crab legs, mushrooms, and lots of local spices and sauces. Nothing says Taiwan more than Hot and Spicy Crab.

Sea Food Dishes From Around The World4

  A “Delicious Filipino Breakfast” Fresh From The Sea

There are over 2200 species of fish in the waters that surround the Philippine Islands and the Filipino Chefs know how to prepare them all. The Philippines is made up of 700 Islands and fish is a stable food in the Filipino diet. You may be surprised at how many different fish dishes you encounter while traveling through The Philippines.

Sea Food Dishes From Around The World5

Mullet Fish Roe From Taiwan

The freshly pressed Mullet Roe is most often prepared with garlic and scallions. Most Taiwanese restaurants suggest pairing it with a high quality Taiwanese Beer. When the Mullet fish are running, every part of the fish is used. It is considered a small fish and every part of the fish is used for food. The Mullet fish are quite expensive and nothing is left for waste.

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Chili Crab From Singapore 

 Chili crab is a delightful seafood specialty straight from Singapore. This Singaporean seafood dish is so loved in Asia, that it has made it’s way into the mainstream specialties of several other Asian countries.  Mud crabs are very plentiful and  are commonly stir-fried in a thick savory sauce. The sauce is tomato based with chili and has a sweet tang to it. Even though it is called Chili Crab, it is a very mild tasting dish from Singapore.

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 Fresh Alaskan King Crab And Salmon Seafood Feast From Northern Alaska

While traveling The Inside Passage In Northern Alaska this is one of the first of several feasts you will be offered. There is nothing like fresh King Crab and add the fresh baked Salmon and this is a match made in heaven. Often times it is served with a  creamy Smoked Salmon Chowder. Smoking Wild Salmon has been an Alaskan Native tradition passed on from generation to generation throughout Alaska. This is a favorite among both locals and visitors.You are likely to find different variations of this gourmet favorite at most high quality restaurants.

Sea Food Dishes From Around The World8

Hot, Healthy and spicy BBQ Eel Served In Japan And Taiwan  

The Eel is a saltwater fish found abundantly in the seas surrounding both Japan and Taiwan. This has always been a Japanese favorite and was prepared raw. Due to health concerns, raw fish is seldom served and the Eel is deliciously cooked. Because non-Asians often consider the Eel to look more like a snake, many have not tried this delicious Seafood Treasure. But rest assured that the Eel is indeed a Saltwater fish and is quite tasty. If you are in either Taiwan or Japan, be sure to order this seafood treat.

Sea Food Dishes From Around The World9

Crab Cakes Are A Favorite From  San Diego, California USA

In San Diego, you will find Crab Cakes everywhere from the local beach food shack to the elite dinner houses on the San Diego Bay. Crab Cakes are prepared with fresh crab and fried. They are usually paired with a generous amount of fresh steamed vegetables.

Sea Food Dishes From Around The World10

 Clam Chowder And Sour Dough Bread Is A Favorite Of The Pacific North West USA

Sour dough is a type of leavening where a starter is made and allowed to bubble and sour to form a fresh yeast.  This starter is then always used, except for the last cup. A cup of flour is added and the new starter is put back in the starter jar and the lid put on tight. Each time it is used, it is always replenished. It is quite common for restaurants and country homes to each have their own starters. The bread that is made is called “Sourdough” and it extremely tasty.

Both Razor and Butter Clams are plentiful in the Pacific North West. Because these are so plentiful and fresh, they are usually used for making fresh Clam Chowder. The West Coast has around 500 varieties of clams, though only about 50 of them are well known. Each local area has it’s own secret chowder recipe, and it’s own favorite clam. Some like the broth thick and others thin.  Those wanting a thick soup use a cream to make the soup broth, instead of straight milk. If traveling on the Pacific Coast, take time to stop in several different areas and taste some of the different recipes. We are sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

This is just a few of our well loved sea food delights from around the world. When traveling to coastal areas and island nations, take time to discover some of the local fish delicacies of the area. Each area or country will have it’s own signature dishes and you will want to try as many as you can. There is nothing that fills in the stories of a people, more than the special dishes that only they are known for. Enjoy your food adventure. Pack your bag, grab your passport, and enjoy traveling around the world.



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