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Shoushan Guojia Natural Park

Shoushan Guojia Nature Park

Shoushan Guojia Natural Park

Shoushan Guojia Natural Park is another of the jewels of Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. Sitting high above the city of Kaohsiung, the view is incredible. There is almost nothing you can not see! Shou Mountain is located in the Southwest of Kaohsiung City. Shou Mountain is called Monkey Mountain in English. This is a very appropriate name for this beautiful mountain that has many moneys. Another of the perks of the mountain! Watch the moneys chatter and carry-on in the forest canopy.

Also included in the mountain is a hill to the side that is called snake hill. The snakes seem to enjoy all the tress and beauty of Shou Mountain also. They enjoy sleeping in the sun of the day. Snakes are mainly nocturnal. Rarely do they come out to bother anyone in the day.  At the top of this beautiful hill, you will find Shoushan Guojia Natural Park. The mountain is liberally covered with trees. It makes it a mountain of good health. A place to get fresh air. A place of peace and tranquility.  Shoushan Guojia Natural Park is scenic! It is also a good health resource for the tired and those just needing to unwind.

There are several fantastic view spots on the mountain of near-by Koahsiung. Shoushan Guojia Natural Park, Shou Mountain Park, the Martyrs Shrine, Shou Mountain Zoo, Qianguang, Faxing and Yuanheng Temples are a few of the best places to catch a good view of the city. With all these amazing Temples and parks to explore, you can easily spend the whole day on Shou Mountain, and the nearby areas of Koahsiung. So pack a lunch and enjoy the day at Shoushan Guojia Natural Park. Take a second day and enjoy the other nearby places close by. Make this a Koahsiung Adventure!

Be sure to check out all the majestic views of the city from Shou Mountain Zoo.  The zoo has some spectacular aviaries and is home to an amazing number of tropical birds. Enjoy the beautiful colors of these magnificent parrots. This Taiwanese Zoo has an astonishing number of large and small animals, reptiles,tropical birds, as well as birds of every kind from around the world. What fun you can have at the Shou Mountain Zoo.

For an added adventure take the foot path from Shou Mountain Zoo. Here you can explore all that the mountain has to offer. This path will also take you to some awesome narrow limestone caves. You will discover crystals made from the milky stones and other treasures at the cave. Discover the beauty of this natural playground. See the views and mysteries of nature’s natural creations. Take time to explore the mysteries of Koahsiung.

The Martyr’s Shrine is in the near by area of the city. It is between Dazhi Station (Line 1) and Jiantan Station (Line 2). This is extremely beautiful and the grounds are well-kept up. The changing of the guard is captivating.  They have such precision! It can be crowded for the changing of the guard. Give it a few minutes after the guard has changed and you will be alone at the shrine.  Check information rooms at the shrine. Here you can read many of the martyrs’ stories. These are those who died in the resistance against  the Japanese from 1805~1902. It is a fascinating place!

As your day at Shoushan Guojia Natural Park and some of the other nearby attractions comes to a close, why not have dinner at one of the more traditional Taiwanese restaurants? Visit one by the water or near the mountain, both areas are full of many authentic small restaurants. Who knows, you might catch the sunset!

What better day, than today, to make travel plans for Koashiung? The time is now! Your Koashiung Adventure is waiting. Grab your passport and pack your bags. See you at the Shoushan Guojia Natural Park.

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