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Siq al-Barid In Jordan‬


Siq al-Barid In Jordan

Siq al-Barid, literally means “the cold canyon.” It is one of the most amazing archaeological sites in the Middle East. It is located just north of Petra near the town of Wadi Musa. It’s rugged beauty is extraordinary! It is another one of the incredible Nabataean sites. Like Petra, you can only reach Siq al-Barid by traveling through a Siq. It is a very high carved pathway through the rocks. It is the only way to reach Siq al-Barid. The sides are so tall, that very little sunshine reaches the Siq. Most likely that is where the name comes from. It is indeed much colder than the surrounding area in the Siqs.

In these beautiful sandstone canyons you will find whole buildings carved into the stone. They are magnificent! The workmanship is suburb by any standard. The Nabataeans were a very advanced civilization. Join our team as we climb the Siq al-Barid. The beauty we see is staggering. Nothing in this world prepared us for what we would discover in the Siq al-Barid.

The Siq al-Barid is actually three wide open areas that is connected by a canyon that is 1,480 feet deep. The canyon is beautiful with the many different colors of sandstone. It is considered part of the Petra Heritage Site, though it is much smaller in size than Petra. It is thought to have been a suburb of the Nabataean capital, Petra. Archaeologists are not able to identify all the ways each building was used, but most feel that it was a place to accommodate visiting traders traveling on the Silk Road. What a magnificent inn!

Little Petra, like Petra, most likely was built during the first century CE. During this time period, the Nabataeans were extremely influential. In later years, as the Nabataean influence began to fall into obscurity, so their beautiful cities were abandoned and lost to mankind. Only the local Bedouins knew where they were. Until the 20th Century, only the Bedouins used Siq al-Barid. In the 20th Century the excavation of the area began. What amazing things they have found and are still uncovering. Not only the buildings themselves, but the amazing art-work on the walls gives much insight to the life of the Nabataeans.

Little Petra sits in a very dry area. It is in a “baked and thirsty land.” The mountains of the desert are rugged but the beauty is breathtaking. The area is over 3,000 feet above sea level. It is just East of the famous Arabian Desert. The wide range of colors in the Jordan desserts are unbelievable. There are hues of brown, orange, and red. The deserts themselves are amazing! Leaving Siq al-Barid to the West, you will descend out of the mountains and into the beautiful Jordan Rift Valley. This valley also includes areas around the Dead Sea. There are places near the Dead Sea that are over 1,300 feet below sea level. This is a magnificent area that is full of history. A Nabataean adventure is perhaps one of the most interesting in the Middle East.

If you have an eye for adventure, then Jordan will provide the perfect locations. Jordan is a country that is immersed in natural beauty. The beautiful red desserts are breathtaking. The workmanship of the Nabataean people is beyond anything else of that era. The people of Jordan are friendly and welcoming. There is no where else that provides so much breathtaking history. This is a perfect year to plan a Jordanian adventure.

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