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Skagway Alaska Gateway To The North

Skagway Alaska Gateway To The North

Welcome to Skagway Alaska, the gateway to the Klondike and beyond. Skagway is yesterday alive and well! In Skagway, you will hear the old honky-tonk pianos and the cries of the prospectors. Gold has been found! Nothing much has changed in Skagway, Alaska; it is yesterday at its best! Come celebrate with us! Dance to the old honky-tonk piano! Kick up your heels!  Immerse yourself in the history of the Klondike! Enjoy everything nature has to show you. Skagway is the northernmost town in Southeast Alaska. Skagway sits on the side of a beautiful glacier. Nothing is prettier under the sun.

Skagway Proper

Branch out from here and visit other areas, like Whitehorse in the Yukon, Canada. Skagway is delightful! Skagway is living history! It is fun! Above all, it’s a must-see when you come to Alaska. Check the site below for listings of events and accommodations. We’ll see you in Skagway.

Travel Tour Highlights

One of the highlights of the area is the Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park. The park was created in 1976 and commemorates all the many hopeful prospectors who flooded the area in the late 1800’s. The visitors center is very informative and the hiking trails are awesome. If you feel ambitious, you can hike the famous Chilkoot Trail. This is a 3-5 day hike and not for beginning hikers. The trail is well maintained by the Park Service and is in good condition. You can access the park website below.

Skagway is one of the most exciting port of calls for the cruise ships that go up the Inside Passage to Alaska. For example, you can take this cruise out of either Seattle, USA or Vancouver, Canada with other connections. This is one cruise that I have done twice and no two trips are the same. They are an adventure waiting to happen! You can reserve your cruise on the website below.

Other options are the ferry system that travels up the coast. Book your car, the walk-on, your bike, or even your RV. Similarly, it’s much like booking a train, for instance, you can purchase a sleeping berth also. Furthermore, the ferry ships are smaller than cruise ships and seem to be closer to the shoreline allowing different views. This offers more unique photo opportunities and allows you to see different wildlife.

There are many fantastic day tours available. Some are as little as one day and others can be ten days. Whatever you desire to see and do, Skagway, Alaska is your jumping off point.

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