Snorkeling The Visayas In The Philippines

Snorkeling in the warm emerald waters of the Visayas in the PhilippinesSnorkeling in the warm emerald waters of the Visayas in the Philippines

Snorkeling in the warm emerald waters of the Visayas in the Philippines

Snorkeling The Visayas In The Philippines

Snorkeling the Visayas is ominous. It is exciting! There is nothing like it.  The warm emerald waters of the Visayas beckons to the experienced and the new snorkeler alike.  If the world beneath the sea captivates your interest, then come snorkel the Visayas. The Philippine archipelago is stunning and adventurous. You don’t have to be a diver to enjoy the Visayas. Snorkeling the Visayas is a top priority of many of the resorts.  Most of the dive resorts have snorkel trips as well as diving expeditions.  Whether you choose to snorkel amid the extraordinary marine life or dive the walls, the Visayas will provide the adventure you crave. In these warm emerald green waters you will see Damselfish, Butterflyfish, and Wrasses. There are even Blacktip Reef Sharks to entertain you. These Blacktip Reef Sharks are amazing!  While in the Bohol Strait you can enjoy Dolphin and Whale watching. There is nothing like spotting a whale. These are the big boys of the sea.  Here there are often sightings of the Spinner Dolphins. They are seen so often that it has almost become the norm. What fun awaits in the Visayas. If your passion is the world beneath the sea, you will love the Visayas.

Snorkeling off of Leyte Island in Sogod Bay is fantastic. Here you will find coral reefs that are lush and colorful. You can see Sea Stars that are vibrate and showy. In the midst of the coral gardens are the flamboyant Damselfish. They are so extraordinary and they flaunt their beauty. For those staying at the resort, you may have the opportunity to swim with a whale shark. Snorkeling the visayas has no dull moments. Here you will find living drama!

While snorkeling the Visayas do not forget the reefs surrounding Cabilao Island. If you are passionate for coral gardens, this is the place to be. Here the coral gardens come alive. They dance to the tune of the sea. What fun it is on Cabilao Island. This is a Marine Protected region. There is adventure at every turn.  In this area of the Visayas you may see schools of Purple Anthias as well as brilliant and flashy corals. There is an amazing wall with a steep drop off. Gorgonian Wall has giant Fan Corals with many colorful reef fish. In this area they have many night snorkels. Night snorkels are almost magical. One of the highlights of this area is the octopus which moves like lightning. These amazing coral gardens offer the snorkeler a whole new range of marine wildlife to enjoy. Snorkeling the Visayas is almost magical. Here you can live the drama of the sea.

Snorkeling the Visayas is one of the most unique opportunities in the world. If you explore the reefs around Panglao Island, you might see the famous Philippine Tarsiers. These little primates are only 3-6 inches long. In the world of the primates, they are the smallest. You will enjoy snorkeling the Visayas. It is a dazzling underwater paradise. The more remote the island, the more magical it will be. The Visayan Islands are some of the remotest islands, but the marine life is dazzling.

So what are you waiting for? Make this the year for snorkeling the Visayas. Plan your magical trip today.

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