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Sogod Southern Leyte, Philippines

Sogod Southern Leyte Philippines
A picturesque forest with endless waterfalls in Sogod Southern Leyte in the Philippines

Waterfalls of Sogod Southern Leyte

Sogod, a beautiful mountainous municipality of the province of Southern Leyte, is just 76 miles south of  Tacloban City, Philippines. Sogod is a mountainous area with flat fertile plains in the center and to the South. There are many river systems that feed the area with a rich and fertile soil. This fantastic soil is able to sustain high productions of rice, corn, copra, tobacco, abaca, and many root crops. Sogod is also blessed with an endless supply of waterfalls. Some are small and others very large. They are extremely beautiful and several are just breathtaking. Come along as we discover some of the favorite waterfalls in the area.

Malnuto Falls is one of the most amazing of the smaller falls. The river system is rather shallow and the rain-forest is thick and green. The many rocks and boulders provide a perfect bed for this cascading falls. The pool at the bottom of the falls is about waist deep at it’s deepest point. This is amazing beauty. The colors are so deep and intense. Where can you find a deeper green ? This is Sogod at it’s best.

Luman Falls is another of the smaller falls  in Magsuhot Park, Sogod, Southern Leyte Providence, Philippines. Luman falls is a perfect day trip and is one of the lesser known falls in the area. It is a favorite spot for locals who like the cool cascading water in the midst of the tropical rain-forest. If you like natural beauty, then Luman Falls is waiting to be discovered.

Magsuhot National Park is home to four beautiful waterfalls that fall into a common basin. This is raw beauty. Malnuto Falls and Luman Falls are only two of the falls that fall into this basin. Mahayhay Falls is another of the falls in the park. If you like waterfalls, Magsuhot National Park has four of the best.

Mahayhay Falls is a beautiful waterfall also in Magsuhot Park, Sogod, Southern Leyte providence, Philippines. Mahayhay Falls is absolutely stunning. There is also a huge rock with stairs going up to the top. From there you can see forever! The views of the falls and the dense rain-forest are magnificent. What adventure is waiting in Sogod!

Gunhuban Falls is found deep in the rain-forest. This is a majestic two-tiered waterfall located in the town of Bato, Leyte.  This is a well-developed area and is a major tourist destination in the Sogod Municipality. This is quickly being developed and there is an entrance fee to the park. Even though this is a developed site, it is one you will not want to miss.  This is yet another amazing waterfall in the Sogod Municipality. Sogod seems to have an endless supply of waterfalls.

Located in beautiful St. Bernard, Hindag-an Falls  is one of the most beautiful falls in the Philippines. This is beauty that you will not want to miss. Hindag-an Falls is about an hours drive out of  Sogod.  It is overwhelming beauty. For sure, it is definitely worth the effort to get there! This is another Falls that has been developed and there is an entrance fee. There is also a bus that runs several times a day from Sogod.

One of the newest adventures in Sogod is Canting Cave and Falls. This cave was recently discovered by visitors to the area. It has been completely undisturbed by humans since the beginning of the island. There is a beautiful cascading waterfall at the cave. Neither the cave or the area of the waterfall has been fully explored to date. It is also the meeting point of three rivers. There is a beautiful natural pool below the cascading water. Canting Cave is another of the fascinating sites in the lush Sogod Rainforest.

If you like natural beauty, then a trip to Sogod, Southern Leyte Providence, Philippines is a must on your next Philippine vacation. Adventure awaits in the Sogod Rainforest!