Splendors And Discoveries Near Agas Agas Leyte Philippines

Jungles of AgasJungles of Agas

Lost In The Jungles of Agas Agas Leyte 

The jungle of Agas Agas Leyte are fun and inviting. Why not grab your backpack and your camera and lets go jungle trekking. The jungle has so many different animals and birds calling out to each other. It can really be, a very noisy paradise.  Just think of all the different parrots out there calling out to each other.

 The Philippine Sailfin Crested Lizard Living Only In The Philippine Jungle  

This little fellow is only found in the Philippine Jungle. His markings and colors are extraordinary!

 Lake Kasudsuran In The Mountains Of Ormoc Philippines 

Lake Kasudsuran is one of many lakes hidden away in the jungle landscape.  This is one of the many jewels found on the island of Leyte. The lake is calm and beautiful. Many come here to spend a quiet day painting or sketching, while others come to play on her shores. Mount Pananguan is near by, providing awesome hiking for those who desire. Boats are rented and it is a favorite place to venture out onto the calm water of the lake.

 Brothers Work And Play With Their Carabao Water Buffalo In The Philippines  

As you approach different villages, you will see these magnificent water buffalo at work or play.  Life never stands still in the jungle.

 Canigao Is An Uninhabited Island Surrounded By The Camotes Sea In Leyte Philippines 

Canigao Island  is best known for it’s abundant fishing grounds. The beautiful coral reefs are a perfect diving spot. This area draws divers from around the world. During different times of the year, this is the destination for fun beach getaways and overnight stays on the beach. The crystal blue waters are always inviting!

 White Sand Beaches Of Canigao Island

 Abundant Under The Sea Coral Gardens At Panaon Island in Leyte Philippines 

Another one of the perfect islands of the Leyte. If you have come to dive, you will fall in love with Panaon Island.

The many islands that make up Leyte are inviting and full of magical adventures just waiting for you to discover. Tropical weather is always a welcome change from winter back home and is the perfect time to grab your backpack , camera, and your passport. Are you ready for a Philippine adventure?




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