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Superfruit For Today: Dragon Fruit–Part 1

Dragon Fruit and Logan Berries–Superfruits

Superfruit For Today–The Dragon Fruit

Superfruit is a catch-all word for fruits that are really good for you. Today’s spotlight is on the humble and somewhat beautiful, Pitaya or Dragon Fruit. I think it was my favorite fruit of Taiwan and it has amazing health benefits. In the picture above you can see it on the far left. A big reddish pink ball with spikes!

There are actually two varieties, but as far as I could tell, they look the same on the  outside. The most common was white when you cut into it and had millions of tiny black seeds. It was extremely good and I fell in love immediately. The other one has a red fruit on the inside with the same tiny seeds. If I thought the white fruit was good, the red one was heavenly. The red fruit is very rare and you seldom see it. Be sure to try it if you have the chance. Other than inside color, they look the same.

Dragon fruit is very low in cholesterol with little cholesterol producing fats. This superfruit is loaded with antioxidants and Vitamin C, as well as other needed nutrients to help you absorb the vitamins. The Dragon fruit is a powerhouse of nutrition.  The Dragon Fruit does have a healthy fat that is contained in the edible seeds. They are so tiny, they would be impossible to separate. They, like all nuts and seeds, provide you with a healthy fat and protein that is mono-unsaturated. We do need healthy fats and proteins in our diet daily. Dragon Fruit is also full of fiber. There is, of course, less fiber in the fresh fruit than in the dried fruit.

Consuming dragon fruit help us to improve the conditions that are major risk factors for heart diseases of all kinds. This superfruit does wonders for the heart and is easy to grow if you live in the tropics or subtropics. Dragon fruit helps to decrease the irritation of joints, so it is called an anti inflammatory fruit. This seems to alleviate the symptoms of Arthritis for many. Dragon Fruit has enough fiber that it seems to aid in keeping Diabetes at check, though if you are being treated for anything major, see your doctor before eating. It also has a low  glycemic index. It seems to be helpful in weight control and many think this superfruit is an anti-aging fruit. It helps to  strengthen the immunity system, which helps in the control of Asthma.

Dragon Fruit is good for your skin and is helpful for color treated hair. I like to make a smoothie to drink in the morning and save some for my hair. I use on my hair and then shower after about 30 minutes. I love the look of my hair and it feels so good. For me, Dragon Fruit is a special superfruit. What is there not to love about Dragon Fruit?

On your next trip to Taiwan, be sure to look for the Dragon Fruit. It well might become your favorite fruit also. Gather your things and update your passport and book your next Taiwan adventure today.