The Coming Crypto Currency Revolution

Happy Bitcoin Day
Bitcoin cryptocurrecy
Jumping for joy for Crypto Currencies Arrival! Consider Building Your Own Crypto Currency Bank Throughout the years I have tried investing within many industries, and have been successful ...
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Join the Financial Revolution Today

Join ExploreTraveler
Bitcoin Travel Tips
Today is an interesting period of time for people of the technological age. Governments and companies keep trying to squeeze money from the pockets of their middle class, ...
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Travel Funding with Bitcoin

Glass Bottom Boat
Update Feb 2017 I am adding more information on ways travel bloggers and others can earn crypto coins, bitcoin and more. We think it is important to have ...
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Using Bitcoin To Buy From Everyday Business

Bitcoin Gift cards
Bitcoin Travel Hacks Travel Tips
Recently as stated in another post I began talking about using Bitcoin to buy digital coupons and use them for ordinary travel. So far I have been able ...
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