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Taiwan’s Aboriginal Past Is Alive In Taitung

Exploring Taiwan's Aboriginal Past at the National Museum of Prehistory in Taitung

Taiwan’s Aboriginal Past Lives At The National Museum of Prehistory

hinese and English. If you enjoy prehistory, you will love this museum. It is astonishing! It is exciting!  It is one of the top museums of its kind in the world. It is Taiwan’s aboriginal past!

Taiwan’s aboriginal Past is living history at the National Museum of Prehistory in Taitung. The museum is alive! The culture is amazing! It is adventurous! It if fun for the whole family! The Museum is the first government museum of its kind in Taiwan. At the front of the Museum you are greeted by a massive bronze sundial. It is amazing in size. It is beautiful! The building features the Austronesian  culture and design. It is fantastic! It is amazing! It is modern! It is prehistoric! You know immediately, that you are entering Taiwan’s aboriginal past. What adventure awaits! 

Within the museum are relics of Taiwan’s aboriginal past. The relics have been excavated from the Beinan site.  The Beinan archaeological dig is located in Nanwang Village.  The village is just outside Taitung City. Great care went into the presentation of the relics. The relics have been well-preserved. The relics are protected from sunlight. The exhibit is culturally correct. There are lots of short videos throughout the museum. There is  also a couple of short movies. The movies make the history of Taiwan’s aboriginal past come alive. You feel like you are there. They are amazing! Each exhibit has place cards that explain their significance. They are clearly written and easy to understand. Everything is done in C

The National Museum of Prehistory has done an excellent job of presenting the prehistoric development of Taiwan. Exhibits explain the nature of Taiwan. They show how its culture evolved. The Austronesian culture comes alive. The museum is divided up into different themes. It is it exciting! It is easy to follow. You feel like you are there. It is amazing!

Before leaving, be sure to take time to browse the small gift store. They have a large selection of books in Chinese. The books in English are limited. There is an excellent selection of music. The music of the Austronesian people is beautiful. What a delight it is! You will also find postcards and other souvenirs. The gift store is well done and the selection is good. The prices are reasonable. 

The grounds of this amazing museum are over 44 acres of history and delight. Behind the Railway Station is the Beinan Cultural Park. It is the only archaeological park in Taiwan. The park is beautiful! It is well managed and kept up. Its exhibits are tasteful and exciting for the whole family. It is fun! It is enlightening! It is living history! It is Taiwan’s aboriginal past!

When planning a trip to Taiwan, save one day for the museum and cultural park. It is located at No.1,Museum Rd.,Fongtian Village,Taitung City. Its phone number is: 089-381166. It is closed on Mondays.  (Website in Chinese)  (English)  (Website in Chinese)