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The Dead Sea Experience

The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea Experience

The Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth, is magnificent and impressive. It is one the saltiest places in the world. Imagine standing on it’s shores and knowing that you are 1,300 feet below sea level. What is even more amazing is that at the bottom of the deepest part of the sea, it is 2,300 feet below sea level. How amazing this impressive sea is! It is so salty that the salt deposits are seen everywhere. The beautiful blue sea is so striking with the amazing white of the salt seen in the blue water. A few minutes soaking in it’s water softens the feet and chases away the dryness of the skin. Feet that are like the drought of the desert, regain their moisture. This sea is one of the wonders of our amazing world.

The Dead Sea has some of the saltiest water on this amazing planet. Imagine water where as much as 35% of the water is dissolved salt! It is a landlocked body of water that is almost 6 times as salty as any ocean. The deeper you go, the saltier it is! It is so salty that nothing can live in its waters. The greater the depth, the higher the concentration of salt. Toward the bottom, it is almost 10 times as salty as any ocean.

The Dead Sea is one body of water where you will know for sure that no creature will swim across your toes. There are no squirming fish in this water! There is no need to bring your fishing pole. The harsh life of this water does not lay out the welcome mat. There are only a few types of bacteria and one type of algae that call this sea home. A fish that finds itself in this water, is almost instantly killed and preserved by the high levels of salt.

So what is so special about this salty body of water? The answer is found in the salt. It is not just any table salt, but rather some of the most valuable mineral salts in the world. The concentrations are many times as strong as any ocean. This is a salt of miracles! It is a salt of healing!

What can you do at The Dead Sea? It is impossible to swim in its waters, as you will automatically float. It is an amazing place to just lay back and let the water support your weight. It is the perfect hang out spot! Relax, lay back, and read a good book. Close your eyes and let the gentle sea lure you to sleep. While you rest, the healing waters will do a miracle for your skin. Enter with rough and dry skin….exit with the skin of a baby. This indeed is a sea of healing.

Another wonderful activity is the covering of your body in the healing mud. Many come with extreme cases of psoriasis and arthritis. They come hoping for a miracle! Indeed, many find that miracle cure in the therapeutic mud baths. Not even your mother would object to you playing in this mud. The phenomenon of this mud goes beyond the curiosity of the mind. There is healing in the mud!

This fantastic sea is fed by the Jordan River! There is no outlet, but there is an extreme rate of evaporation. The temperatures of the surrounding desert being so high, it causes the water to evaporate and the salt to lay exposed. This salt is collected and shipped world wide for use in the fields of medicine, industry, agriculture, and beauty products.

Not all the fun of the dead sea is limited to the water. It’s beautiful beaches are fun for those who enjoy taking the mopeds out on the sandy beach. Why not bathe in the mud, then hop on a moped and enjoy the shores of the Dead Sea while the healing mud works miracles on your skin? What a way to enjoy the day incognito!

There are many archaeological ruins around The Dead Sea and climbers will enjoy all the many cliffs to scale. Those with the energy to hike will enjoy a short hike up to Davids waterfall. This is a perfect place for a family picnic. Continue your hike to the end of the canyon and you will be rewarded with the most ominous view of The Dead Sea.

Many historical figures have found refuge in the shores, mountains, and cliffs surrounding The Dead Sea. Two of the more famous are David and Jesus. Many Jewish zealots and Christian monks have found peace and refuge on its shores.

Perhaps the area is best known for the nearby towns of Biblical Sodom and Gomorrah. A short distance South of the sea is a pillar of salt, believed to be Lot’s wife. According to the Torah, Lot’s wife ignored God and looked back behind her at the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah as they were being destroyed. This account is found in Genesis 19:26.

The Dead Sea was perhaps one of the first major health resorts in the world. Since the time of Herod The Great, health resorts have dotted its shores. It has supplied balms for mummification in Egypt for centuries. In recent times, it is the location for major treatment centers for the healing of psoriasis and arthritis. Some of the most exquisite soaps and lotions are made using the minerals harvested from it’s shores.

Another amazing curiosity is Highway 90. Travel Highway 90 through Israel and The West Bank and you will travel on the worlds lowest road. Indeed, it is 1,289 feet below sea level in several places. The Dead Sea is a deadly sea to wildlife, but for humans, it is some of the most healing waters in the world! Many who come leave with their miracle.

Three countries border its shores. It is shared by Jordan, Israel, and The West Bank. What an amazing and marvelous place! The Dead Sea is a place where you will make memories for years to come. As we stand on it’s alluring shores, we see miracles in the making! What a fantastic adventure! This is an unforgettable journey, a journey of healing, a journey of hope!




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