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The End To A Perfect Day

The End of the Perfect Day

The End To A Perfect Day

To every perfect day there is a beginning and an end. This day, like most winter days in San Diego, was beautiful. San Diego temperatures are usually in the high 60’s and low to mid 70’s in the winter. This day, was not an exception! With bright blue skies, a few puffy white clouds, a slight breeze and temperatures around 70, it was marvelous. The Explore Traveler Team was out and about. It was a  perfect day!

We began our day at the San Diego International Travel Fair. Like all travel fairs, there were times that we were able to share with others, and there were times we learned from others. It was a day of representing, as we always do when we are out and about. We are always looking for the newest information to share with our readers.  It was also a day of listening to many quality speakers. Each speaker leaves you with something new to ponder and think about. And then as the fair began to end, we were off to our next adventure for the day….Harbor House at Seaport Village.

Leaving the Convention Center, it is only a short pleasant 15 minute walk to Seaport Village. Seaport Village is a quaint small village of over 50 shops and 17 restaurants. There is a large park at the waterfront. The views of San Diego Bay are priceless from this astonishing Village. Take time to walk through the 14 acres of shopping, restaurants, and entertainment. Seaport Village is a unique re-creation of a harbor side setting from over a century ago. And our perfect day continues………

Arriving at the Harbor House, we made our way upstairs. I know we had the best view of the bay in the house. With the wide picture glass windows, it seemed as though we could see forever. The first floor seating is a little more formal, with the upstairs slightly informal. For our photographer, only the upstairs would let her capture our perfect day. At the Harbor House, you will find some of the best local seafood and premium steaks. Draft bear is served for those who desire. Their blend of ice tea was one of the best in the city. There was a large Oyster Bar available on the first floor. The fish tacos were out of this world. Portions were quite large and it was with difficulty that part of the team was able to enjoy one of their signature desserts. The service was excellent.

Coming back out, there was just enough light to capture a few shots of the harbor, as our perfect day was coming to a close. With the boats coming back into the harbor, and the sun beginning to set, another perfect day came to an end.

Are you planning on visiting the San Diego area? Be sure to include Seaport Village in your day. While you are there, check out all the one of a kind speciality stores. Then it will be time to end your adventure at one of the fine restaurants in the village. In this way, you will create your own, perfect day.