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Tokyo Disney Resort Japan

The magic of Disney in Tokyo Japan

Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disney Resort, what breathtaking beauty! As you drive up to the resort, it is like you are entering paradise.  Magic is in the air at the first glance of the Tokyo Disney Resort. A beautiful blue on white building seems almost like entering heaven. The architecture is magnificent! The grounds are amazing. Excitement is in the air!  The resort is astonishingly beautiful! It is a heartwarming and fanatic wonderland in a storybook world. Many of your favorite characters will be there to meet you. Tokyo Disney Resort is an incredible magical  playground. The Resort is an astonishing wonderland of make-believe. Magic is in the air, at the Tokyo Disney Resort.

Western River Railroad

The whistle blows, all aboard! Your journey has began. You will travel around the Tokyo Disney Resort passing through areas like Adventure Land, Critter Country, and a small amount of Western Land. You’ll journey through dense forests with animals peering through the trees. Be careful and alert, you may even see dinosaurs. While cruising along the Rivers of America, you will see Mark Twain’s  Riverboat as she passes by. What a beauty she is! Adventure is in the air as you make your way down the track at the Tokyo Disney Resort.


Excitement is everywhere! It is Disneyland magic !Join us, as we see the sights and sounds of Adventureland. After disembarking from the Western River Railroad, join the excitement at the Pirates of the Caribbean. Set sail into the deepest part of the bayou. You have entered the world of the lawlessness. Bullets wiz by your head, as you scurry for cover. What stories do dead men tell?

Another intriguing location is the remote island where the Swiss Family Robinson clan built their tree house. Search the near-by forests and enjoy the day’s discovery. What excitement there is in this remote island! Have you ever dreamed you would be marooned on an island? Only the hardy survive!

Discover Westernland  with her unique adventures. Take a cruise on the beautiful sternwheeler, The Mark Twain Riverboat. What elegance! Romance is in the air as you leisurely float on down the Rivers of America. The captain will keep you entertained as he recounts all the adventures in his travels.  What an exciting cruise!

Those who yearn for excitement can catch a ride on a log raft. Head on out to Tom Sawyer’s Island. While on the island you will explore caves, and cross foot bridges that sway in the breeze. Excitement is in the air as you explore rugged and unknown caves. Be careful though, you don’t know who may be out in the woods!

Be sure to stop on by Big Thunder Mountain! The horrors of the empty mines will keep you in suspense. Danger is everywhere! Hang on tight, as the mine trains are fast and scary. There doesn’t seem to be much gold, but the ghosts of the dead rule the night at Big Thunder Mountain.

Discover Critter Country and enjoy some southern hospitality as you float down the river in log boats. What an amazing trip, but hang on as you go over the waterfall on Splash Mountain. Did you hang onto your stomach?

Fantasyland with her gorgeous castles and beautiful princesses will delight your imagination. If you arrive before midnight, you might even see Cinderella. Sail around the world and sing with children from many countries. It really is a small world after all! While there, you are invited to join Mad Hatter and Alice for tea. Let the party begin! Meet all your favorite characters at Fantasyland!

Run and play at Toontown! Meet all the famous residents like Minnie, Micky, Donald, and even Goofy. Explore their town, their homes, and spend quality time with your favorite friends. Catch a ride on Donald’s boat, the Miss Daisy. Enjoy Toon Lake as you explore Miss Daisy. What fun!

For those who love tomorrow, you can catch a ride into outer space at Tomorrow land. There is lots of excitement as you enter other worlds. Explore the galaxy as you stop by Star Wars. What adventure awaits in Tomorrowland.

These are just a few of the many fun adventures that you will find in this immense world of magic. Step into another world, one of excitement at Tokyo Disney Resort. The adventure is just beginning!



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