Travel Brings The World Together One Friend At A Time

Travel Brings The World Together One Friend At A TimeTravel Brings The World Together One Friend At A Time

Relaxing On Deck With A Friend On The Inside Passage

Travel brings the world together one friend at a time. You are in a strange country, you see a new face and then someone smiles. The smile is the universal calling card, no words are needed. You sit down in an empty chair on the deck of a ship, and suddenly you begin to visit with the person sitting in the next chair. You are from America and the other person is from Canada.  A friendship is kindled and it has just crossed over the border.

Horseback Riding On The Beach

You gather at the stable as strangers. Your only common thread is that you all want to start the day with a brisk ride on the beach. As the wind blows your hair, stories are told and friendships are made. The day was started with the bonding of new friends.  One friend traveled from New York, and another from Chicago. Old prejudices begin to melt away and a friendship begins. It all started on a morning ride at the beach.

Roll Out The Dune Buggies And Let The Adventure Begin

They come roaring to life, and the day begins on the Oregon Coast. You spend the morning together chasing up tall sand dunes with strangers. One new friend is a tourist from Victoria, British Columbia, another is out to discover America. He is from Brazil. With a smile and a handshake the day begins. Living adventure with new friends is fun and amazing.

Meeting New Friends For Lunch In Madaba, Jordan

Having a simple lunch has always been a great way to deepen new friendships. Who would know when the day began that strangers from Jordan would meet up with strangers from America. Stories are shared, and the bonds of friendship are made over a meal.  Two cultures bond in a common friendship.

Why Not Gather On The Beach For The Chef’s Feast In The Philippines ?

The Filipino people are fun loving and extremely friendly. Why not gather on the beach and make new friends at a Chef’s Feast? It is always easy to make friendships over food. Fun and laughter is contagious and soon you forget that you just met.

The Smile Is Life’s Calling Card

“Life is so much better when you smile.” It is contagious, and who knows who will just begin to visit and where they may have come from.  As you travel the world, start each adventure with a simple smile and watch the doors open for other adventures and private gatherings. Friendships begin in the strangest places.

 Traditional Sweet Bedouin Tea In The Deserts Of Jordan

Whether it is tea, coffee, or a coke, life is often shared over a common beverage. Don’t sell any people short, or fail to try any native dish, no matter how different. Smile big, and smile often, discover that the world is full of wonderful people. Customs and traditions are different, if you are not sure what to do, simply wait and follow your host. The art of International Friendship is to realize that customs are not right or wrong, just different. So get out and discover the world.  Make friends, learn a few words in a different language, and enjoy the adventure of travel. So close the books, get out of the chair, and book an adventure today. Today is the first day of the rest of your life!


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