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Treasure Hunt In Jaffa Tel Aviv

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt In Jaffa Tel Aviv

Treasure, and the hunt for it can be so much fun. Look at all the options! The streets are lined with shop after shop filled to overflowing with the choicest of products. The beautiful fabrics that make up the clothing are amazing. Color is everywhere. There are many shades of blue, and purple. Did you know there were so many? The pinks and purples seem to be in endless supply! Which shade is your favorite? If you thought green was green, or orange was orange, look again! How many shades of each color do you see? Not even white, is pure and simple!

Booths of jewelry of every color and description line the streets. You will find everything from simple local stones to the finest gold. The patchwork of ethnicity is reflected in the many ways that jewelry is made. The colors that are presented are beyond magnificent. Not even the color brown is a simple color in Jaffa. How many colors can you find on this simple treasure hunt? Each ethnic group has their own special shade! There is no simple color in Jaffa! Take a few hours to go treasure hunting and you will discover the rainbow.

How many styles of candle holders can you find? How many different blessing are attached? Going treasure hunting for a simple candle holder can take hours. Some are made of polished brass that shines in the sun. There are candle holders from gold and precious stones. Your treasure hunt will get intense when you check out the Olive wood holders. Simple and beautiful Olive Wood is one of the finest of all. Treasure hunting in Jaffa is fun!

No good treasure hunt is complete in Jaffa, without checking out the antiques! There are antiques dishes and beautiful woven fabrics from yesteryear! You will spot some of the most unusual chairs and chests. The different styles are endless in design. Yesterday’s treasure is today’s special find. Homes filled with treasure from years gone by, are unique and priceless. Jaffa treasure hunting is the highlight of the morning!

Another treasure found in the many markets on the streets of Jaffa are the brightly colored scarves.  With so many-colored skirts and tops, comes the need for scarves. These scarves coordinate and reflect all the local colors of the area. Many of them are hand woven by the Druze women. The Druze are known for their beautiful weaving and outstanding baskets. Their tablecloths are a treasure to behold! Beautiful scarves and tablecloths with blended colors of blue and purple call out to you as you pass by. How many shades of pink and orange can you find? What is the perfect shade of indigo?

Woman the world over love their purses or bags. They are one of the great treasures found in almost every shop. They come in every shape and size. The colors are endless! No treasure hunt is complete without a spin through the endless supply of bags and purses. Some are simple! Many purses reflect the love of color. You will find simple small bags and larger bags for serious use. Whatever you desire to find, you can discover it in Jaffa. Walk through the old market and discover that there is no end to the shops. Adventure is waiting in the market place!  The old city of Jaffa will not disappoint! What are you waiting for? Put on your walking shoes, it is time to go the market!

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