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The Unique And The Unusual Tastes of Asia

The Unique And The Unusual Tastes of Asia

Bamboo Charcoal Noodles A Unique Taste In Taiwan

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These black noodles are black due to the charcoal of the bamboo. Known to have over 400 different minerals, they are believed to have hundreds of health benefits. Bamboo Charcoal that is activated is thought to draw impurities from the skin and help with severe acne.

The Unique And The Unusual Tastes of Asia2

 Dried Cuttlefish Snacks At The Coastal Markets In Keelung Taiwan 

The Cuttlefish is dried and shredded for snacks. Squid is also is often substituted in making dried fish snacks.

The Unique And The Unusual Tastes of Asia3

 Blue Mackerel Sautéed In Spicy Vinegar, A Good Taste Of Taiwan

While it may seem unusual to use a spicy vinegar to saute Blue Mackerel, but it is really is a delicious way of cooking fish. There are several ways of cooking this specialty, but all use vinegar, garlic , and usually lime.

The Unique And The Unusual Tastes of Asia4

The Rich Food Culture Of The Hakka Aborigines In Northern Taiwan 

The tastes of the Hakka are unique and very different but delicious. The Aborigines have centuries of experience in this unique but tasty style of cooking.


The Unique And The Unusual Tastes of Asia5

 Hot, Healthy And Spicy BBQ  Ell Is A Favorite In Taiwan and Japan

While Ell seems too strange to some, to others it is better than a good cut of beef.

The Unique And The Unusual Tastes of Asia6

Tea And Buddha’s Hand Citron Is  A Perfect Way To Start The Day

Buddha’s Hand is like a the perfect citron. It’s sweet lemon blossom aroma fills the air. This is a breakfast to remember!

The Unique And The Unusual Tastes of Asia7

 “Taiwan’s Black Fungus Mushroom” ~ Perfect With Your Morning Eggs!

Thought to have  many health benefits from preventing cancer to losing weight, this is added to everything. Who can help but love a mushroom with all these health benefits.

The Unique And The Unusual Tastes of Asia8

Sometimes The Important Thing Is Just To Get The Perfect Grasshopper

Grasshoppers on a stick are a delight in Taiwan and throughout the Asian world of food! Are you ready for a snack?

Throughout the world eating habits change. Some delicacies are just different, but they are not bad. So as you travel through the world, take a chance and taste and see what each region has to offer. Today is the day to reach out and embrace the unknown, to try something you have never tried. This is the day for an Asian food adventure.


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