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United Nations Peacekeepers Keep Watch

United Nations

United Nations Peacekeepers Keep Watch

United Nations Peacekeepers keep watch over the Golan Heights. They allow us to travel safely throughout the region without fear. Their keen eyes, and quick defenses keep the Golan Heights free of danger and violence. The United Nations Peacekeepers are quick to defend the Syrian border at the first sign of trouble. Yes, the enemy may be near, but the danger is kept at the border. No one comes in or out without being inspected. With the presence of the United Nations Peacekeepers in the Golan Heights, we are able to travel throughout Palestine and Israel safely. Come join us, as we safely embark on many adventures throughout the area.

There are currently more than 1,000 United Nations Peacekeepers in the Golan Heights. This allows us to the opportunity to safely visit the areas around the Sea of Galilee and Mount Herman. These areas are astonishing! The Golan Heights is a beautiful plateau, with many amazing areas to explore. The area is fertile! The people are friendly! The adventures are endless! Join us, as we explore the Golan Heights.

This area is well protected by the United Nations Peacekeepers. Many of the people living in this fertile plateau are known as the Druze. About 10% of the Druze hold Israeli citizenship. In recent years many of the younger Druze have applied for and received citizenship. The Druze are a friendly people. They are becoming well educated. They hold a high economic status. They enjoy all the perks of Israels open society!  Most of the young Druze are University educated. Life among the people of the Golan Heights is good. Enjoy their hospitality! Visit their gift shops. Explore their cuisine. The food is absolutely marvelous!

The United Nations Peacekeepers keep the peace. The United Nations Peacekeepers ensure that all who live and travel in the region can come and go safely. The Golan Heights is one of immense beauty. Three of the world’s religions have Holy Sites within its borders. Many pilgrims come here yearly. This is a very developed and unique area.

The Golan Heights features numerous archaeological sites. There are beautiful mountains, clear-clear streams and magnificent waterfalls. Throughout the region, you will discover more than sixty ancient synagogues. Many of these synagogues date back to the time of Roman and Byzantine periods of history. Join us, as we explore these beautiful synagogues of ancient times. Walk the ancient Paths! Explore these ruins! Immerse yourself in history. Grab hold of adventure, it is everywhere!

Gamla  Nature Reserve is a beautiful  park with many archaeological discoveries from the ancient Jewish City of Gamla. There is a tall ancient tower in the old city! Discover a well-preserved synagogue. It is fabulous! The detail is marvelous. There is a magnificent waterfall in the area of the reserve. It is the perfect place for a picnic! Explore an ancient Byzantine Church that has been well cared for and preserved. It is peaceful! It is astonishing in detail!

There is a place where you can observe the vultures that dwell in the cliffs of the rock. They are fun! These astonishing birds are very interesting to watch. Observe them as they nest in the clefts of the rocks.

There are also  six other major archaeological sites within the reserve. Immerse yourself in the daily life of the Jews and Arabs of this period. You will find magnificent synagogues and churches, natural springs, and fabulous arches. Spend the day exploring this ancient area. Before leaving, be sure to enjoy the Druze hospitality. The Druze are awesome hosts! The food is delicious and unique. The fresh baked pita bread is delicious! The Hummus is outstanding!  A good Druze meal is the perfect climax to a day of adventure in the Golan Heights.

You will find many high quality hotels in the area of the Sea of Galilee. Most serve a bountiful  buffet breakfast with lots of fresh fruit, fresh-baked bread, and unique dishes from the area. This is a perfect time to explore with us, the awesome Golan Heights.