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Upgrade Your RV for Comfort: Key Fixtures for Long Road Trips.

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Upgrade Your RV for Comfort: Key Fixtures for Long Road Trips. 3

RVs come in all shapes and sizes, and each one offers unique interiors. They have various fixtures that enable you to enjoy a comfortable journey, no matter where you’re heading, whether you’re travelling as a family in the USA or driving around Europe.

As an RV owner, you might be happy with everything your vehicle currently offers. In this case, you’ll just need to make sure you repair or replace the fixtures inside your RV if they become faulty or break completely.

However, some of you might wish to renovate your vehicle and install brand-new fixtures that make your long road trips even comfier, cosier, and more convenient than before. Certain fixtures are essentials, such as toilets, sinks, and basic cooking apparatus. Some aren’t necessarily essential but enhance the overall RV experience, like advanced kitchen tools or built-in smart devices.

Below, we’ve covered three of the most important fixtures that you will need to install in your RV for enjoyable road trips and camping vacations.

Built-in Lighting

For darker mornings and evenings in your RV, you will need adequate lighting. It’s better to go for low-level lighting to avoid any glaring beams of light that might give you a headache if you’re sitting underneath them all day.

To avoid the need for desktop and floor lamps that can clutter a small vehicle interior, install fixed lighting in your vehicle. You can add wall lights, ceiling spotlights, or even small bulbs built into the floor of your RV.

If possible, choose dimmable lights, where you can adjust the intensity of the bulbs according to your needs. Many light fixtures now have a smart feature that links the bulb dimmer to an app on your smartphone, meaning you can change the brightness of your lights from your device. It’s perfect for when you’re comfy on the sofa or in bed and don’t want to move! 

Fully Functional Bathroom Sink and Toilet

Every RV needs a fully functional toilet and sink in the bathroom area. With a toilet and sink, you and your passengers can undertake long road trips without worrying about needing to find public toilets on the way.

It’s helpful to keep some spare RV toilet parts in your vehicle in case you need to perform an emergency repair whilst you’re on the road. Even if you can’t fix the broken toilet yourself and need to call an emergency mobile plumber, it will be a quicker and cheaper process if you already have the parts to hand.

Kitchen Sink and Cooking Appliances

You don’t need every kitchen gadget or smart device out there. However, you will need a kitchen with a functioning sink and basic appliances so you can cook meals when you’re on the road for extended periods of time.

In general, it’s good to have a microwave and a small oven with hobs. With these simple kitchen appliances, you can cook most things and create a variety of dishes when travelling to keep your diet varied.

You’ll need a sink, where you can wash your hands before and after food preparation and clean your dishes after each meal. A refrigerator is also a must-have in your RV for safe storage of fresh and raw foods.

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Kitchen Cupboards

Your RV needs to have at least a few fixed kitchen cupboards where you can store food safely and keep your vehicle clutter-free and spacious. Ensure your kitchen cupboards are properly fixed to the walls of your vehicle to prevent them from breaking or falling off when you’re driving on rough terrains.

Keep your kitchen cupboards well-organised and stocked-up so you always have a supply of cooking essentials when you want to make meals and snacks on long road trips. Delegate a cupboard or two for your cookware, such as pots and pans, so they are easy to reach when you’re making quick meals on the road.

Slide-Out Pantry

If you have the space in your RV’s kitchen, consider installing a slide-out pantry. Doing so reduces the need for kitchen cupboard storage, as you will be able to store a variety of foods in your pantry for easy access and optima kitchen organisation.

Inside your pull-out pantry, you can add various tins, cans, jars, and sauces that don’t require refrigeration. It’s the perfect area to keep your food items safe and out of the way, ready for when you need them. You can design your pantry to look similar or identical in style and appearance to the rest of your kitchen to ensure your RV’s interior looks aesthetically cohesive.

Under-Bed Storage Drawers

For maximum space efficiency, it’s worth using the area under your RV beds for storage. Purchase some drawers that you can fill up with clothes, bedding, and other belongings and store neatly away underneath your sleeping area.

With under-bed drawers, you can keep your bedroom space neat and tidy without needing to buy bulky storage units for your RV, which has limited space as it is. By keeping clutter out of the way, you can create a peaceful and harmonious bedroom environment that promotes restful sleep. You can also make the bedroom area of your RV safer by reducing potential tripping hazards.

Safety Fixtures

Safety is paramount in an RV. With it being a larger, heavier vehicle, bumpy journeys can feel worse than in a small car. Potholes can cause your belongings to move around, potentially causing them to break.

Installing various safety features and fixtures into your RV’s interior can help to keep your items safe and secure on long road journeys. Consider installing ropes or ties that you can use to secure heavier items in your RV. Build shelving and cupboards with doors to keep the contents safely inside and avoid injuries.


You should now feel prepared for endless journeys in your RV, knowing that you have everything you will need for comfortable and safe road trips.

It’s likely that there are a few additional fixtures you’ll need for comfortable journeys in your RV. Consider your individual needs and your passenger’s wishes to determine which extra fixtures you want to install in your vehicle.