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Valley Of The Moon Adventure

Lawarence of

Valley Of The Moon Adventure

Valley of the Moon, a title of love for the great Wadi Rum Desert. One of the harshest deserts, yet one of the most beautiful. The charm of this desert pulls you back. You yearn to return. You want to stay awhile and to really come to know this land. This is a land that is so complex, that it is simple. The great Wadi Rum, home to the Bedouin, who has learned its secrets well. This was the land that exercised its charm and pull on Lawrence of Arabia. The pull was so great he could not leave. Come along with us to the Valley of the Moon. Let’s walk in the steps of Lawrence of Arabia.

An officer in the British Army, T. E. Lawrence, who latter became known as Lawrence of Arabia, passed through this Valley of the Moon many times during the Arab Revolt of 1917.  He described the desert as “vast, echoing, and god-like. ” This magnificent Valley of the Moon encompasses 280 square miles. This desert is enormous! It is silent! It is full of silent and hidden knowledge. Deep in the Valley of the Moon are canyons covered in petroglyphs. The writing goes back to the time of the fourth century B.C.  Nothing changes in the Valley of the Moon. Time marches on, and all you see are the footprints of the camel and the track of the SUV. It shakes you to your core. It is so open and magnificent. Yet it is also completely silent and empty.

If you really want to experience what Lawrence must have felt…..spend the night in one of the Camps in the Wadi Rum, Stretch back and focus on the stars in the clear desert sky. Sit around the campfire and experience the complete silence of this vast desert. There is no cell service, no internet, no phone. You will return to your roots, a simpler time, when we were unplugged. In the Valley of the Moon, you will hear only one sound, the sound of silence.

The local Bedouins who staff these camps provide a wonderful desert meal in the evening. They generally take lamb and vegetables, placing them in an underground oven. This oven is covered by sand. It simmers for hours until time to serve. What a treat in the desert.

After a delicious meal around the campfire, you can relax and enjoy natures cathedral. This natural cathedral is greater than the largest man-made cathedral in the world. Speak and your voice echo’s through the desert. Sing and the tones are perfect acoustics.  Stretch out around the campfire to sleep or return to your tent. Which ever you choose, it will be a magical experience.

Why not make this the year that you experience the magic of the Wadi Rum? Walk in the footsteps of Lawrence. Feel what he felt! See what he saw!  Take a risk and unplug from the world around you. Spend a few days without electricity, phone, or internet. Learn the magic of silence. Experience a night when the only sound you will hear is a human voice. Are you ready to walk in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia? Grab your backpack. We will meet, in the Valley of the Moon.




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