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Wadi Rum Desert Adventure

Wadi Rum Desert

Wadi Rum Desert Adventure

Wadi Rum Desert, with its unbelievable beauty, is one of the most magnificent places in Jordan. The Wadi Rum Desert is high adventure on the Red Sand. Driving the Desert Highway is only the beginning of this adventure into the Wadi Rum Desert. This is a desert like no other! The red sand is gorgeous, but without mercy as it blows through the air. The heat is intense, as the sun is out in full force. By far, this is the most beautiful desert in Jordan, but it is also among the harshest. The team is well fortified with hats to protect from the sun and scarves to protect from the blowing sand. All this, as we set out across the desert. Come join us, as we “walk in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia.”

Thrilling adventure awaits as you explore the magnificent rock formations that call this beautiful valley home. Wadi Rum Desert is also known as “the valley of the moon.” Can you imagine how magnificent the moon is as it shines over this endless desert at night? Think about camping on this fine red sand, with the stars over head shinning brightly. Above them all is the moon in all her magnificence. It is in this amazing valley that Lawrence lived during the Desert Revolt against the Ottoman Turkish Empire.  These were the years of 1916 to 1918. Has anything changed? The desert is spectacular! The rock formations are amazing! Adventure is everywhere, as the team sets out walking in “the valley of the moon.”

We venture out into this lonely land in a jeep that had seen many harsh trips into this unforgiving desert. Then, with water bottles in hand, we set out on foot, to retrace the steps of Lawrence during the time of World War 1. The extreme heat is unbelievable, but the romance of seeing where his home had been soon took over. Excitement keeps the team focused. What looks to be an uninhabited desert soon springs to life, as we come upon Bedouins living in their open goat-haired tents. Their hospitality is amazing, as tea is served.

Have you ever thought about having tea in the desert? Have you ever considered being the guests of those who you could not talk to? Your sole communication is the smile on your face.  You see their spontaneous delight when you allow them to serve you a second cup. Your obvious admiration for their beautiful textiles brings smiles to their faces. Just when you are sure you can never say thank you, your guide and interpreter returns. Tea time can never be the same again, when you have had it in the desert!

Think about the extreme conditions of the Wadi Rum! Consider the fact that you only need the most basic supplies. Keeping your packs light, you set off by foot or on camel. What happens as you venture into this harsh land? What do you discover? Where do you allow your thoughts to roam? “Walking in the steps of Lawrence” provides you with excitement for the journey. You consider how he became a part of the Bedouin culture. He was not a spectator! He lived among them! Their life became his life.  You can not visit this land and not be changed.

Walking in the desert of Wadi Rum leaves an imprint on your life! You can not spend any significant time here and not be changed. This cruel and harsh land makes a lasting stamp on your life. You find yourself drawn to return. The life of the nomad has touched you. You will never be the same. You have done the imaginable! You have had tea in the desert! You have stood where Lawrence once stood. You spent time with the people he came to love. You have walked the Desert Highway!

No trip to Jordan will ever be complete, without spending time in the Wadi Rum Desert. Look out across this amazing and vast valley! It is a valley cut out of the sandstone and granite cliffs. The beauty of the cliffs change as time moves on. The sand is driven into these amazing rock formations.  Like a knife it etches away and changes the cliffs forever. Nothing can remain the same, in the Wadi Rum Desert!




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