Winter In The Interior Of Alaska

Winter In The Interior Of AlaskaWinter In The Interior Of Alaska

 This Douglas DC-6  Has Been Re-purposed In The Land Of Ice And Snow

It is time to meet “The Lucky Duck” at Pikes Aviator Greenhouse and Sweets in  Fairbanks, Alaska. It’s a happy place among the ice and snow.

Tok, Alaska Is The Gateway To The Alaskan Interior

There is nothing like the Interior. Just hitch up the dogs and head to the snow covered hills. Your fun is in the making.

  Beautiful Glacier Ice Starting To Form On The Robertson River

From the Robertson River you will encounter many trails. Much of the year it is a nice hike to the upper river and to Tok, Alaska.

Chicken Alaska Is The Home Of Solitude 

If you enjoy doing your own thing in the winter, then you will love the solitude of Chicken. If you need activities and lots of people, maybe not the place to go.  It can really get lonely in the long winter months.

On The Way To Chicken Alaska

If you have never heard of Chicken, you are in good company. Few have and those that do, love it for the solitude it offers. During winter it can get quite lonely, as the deep snow cuts it off from everywhere and you are left to enjoy the peace and quiet If this solitary environment is your idea of an outstanding location, there is lots to love in Chicken.

 Prisms  Of Color In The Frost Coated Tundra Of Alaska  

Tundra is throughout the state. During the warmer part of the year, it is a lot like a quick sand, but once it is frozen solid for the winter, it is firm and easy to trek across.

 Frosty Sod Roof Log Cabin In North Pole Alaska 

For those who call the Interior home, this is a normal site to wake up to. It is a time of beautiful ice and snow. The heavy frost is often a leftover of some of the densest ice fog around.

 “But Dad, Safeway has Starbucks, Wi-fi and fish too!” 

Ice fishing on Chena  Lake in near Fairbanks, Alaska is a winter pastime in the Interior of Alaska. Chena Lake is a short drive from Fairbanks for those who still have to work or visitors who only have a couple of days. There is nothing that spells Alaska Fun, more than more than ice fishing.

 Driving In The Ice Fog In The Subarctic Of Alaska 

One of the special treats of the Interior of Alaska is large amounts of ice fog. Those that call North Pole home are used to driving with little viability much of the time. The beauty that it leaves on the trees is amazing.

Decisions Decisions

When watching the Iditarod Dog Races,  sometimes you have no option. The race goes all the way to Nome and you may not have any other facilities. So it is best to make it quick and bundle up fast!

This is a snap shot of life in the Interior of Alaska. It is fresh and new every morning. The temperatures plunges into the negative 60’s. Are you chilly yet? Then bundle up and stay warm, as it is time to play in the ice and snow.


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