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A Winter Wonderland In Northern Maine USA

A Winter Wonderland In Northern Maine USA

 A Snow Filled Winter In The Baskahegan Valley In Northern Maine  

The early pioneer families that settled in this beautiful valley would farm in the summer months, saving produce for the long winter months. During the winter months, the men took to  the forest and logging was their passion. One of the favorite trees for this endeavor was the Pumpkin Pines, which were easy to haul since they were close to the streams and other waterways. Old diaries talk about the stumps being so large that a team of Oxen could stand on the stump. At one time, Northern Maine was the logging capital of the world.

With the easy supply of lumber, you will see many beautiful mansions in Northern Maine. Take a winter tour in a horse driven buggy and see all the beautiful houses as they lay buried in the white stuff.  Just outside of the towns are resorts with skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, and other winter sports. Take time to enjoy winter like never before.

A Winter Wonderland In Northern Maine USA2

 Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge In Maine Is One Of The Northernmost National Wildlife Refuges On The Atlantic  Seaboard

Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge has activities year around. There are year around Moose Tours, where you are guaranteed to see a moose, fishing tours, ice fishing trips, hunting in the different seasons, hiking, climbing, wildlife viewing and photography. As the ponds ice over, there is ice skating, as well as near by resorts with a full range of winter activities. If you have never been in an area where you could enjoy winter to the max, you are in for many surprises.

This is a main refuge for migrating birds of all kinds. Here, they are able to feed and nest in a protected area. During different times of the year, you will see birds of prey, waterfowl,song birds and many others. If you enjoy bird watching, this is an excellent place for a bird adventure.

A Winter Wonderland In Northern Maine USA3

 The Elegant Patterns Of Ice Crystals Are A Growing Masterpiece On Glass  

Can you imagine waking up and looking out the window and seeing ice crystal masterpieces that formed on the window over night? What a delight to see the creative talent of nature. If you have never seen this, you are in for a surprise.

A Winter Wonderland In Northern Maine USA4

 Fried Haddock  Fish Sandwich Is A Year Around Favorite In Maine 

In Maine, fish sandwiches made from fresh fried Haddock is a favorite. Most eateries in the area serve this state favorite. If you have never tried one, then this is the time to order a fish sandwich made of freshly prepared Haddock. Spring, summer, fall, and winter, this is a must try when you come to Maine.

All the different seasons bring their own delightful activities in Maine. But if you want to enjoy a short winter visit, you can not find a better place than Maine.



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