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Xinwu Mazu Temple: Xinwu Township Taiwan

Xinwu Mazu Temple
Xinwu Mazu Temple overlooking the Sea in Xinwu Township Taiwan

Xinwu Mazu Temple Overlooking The Sea

Xinwu Mazu Temple is called Our Lady Of Heaven in English. It is believed by many that Mazu is a goddess. This goddess is believed by her followers to be the protector of the people by the sea. It is said that ,”she shelters the people to protect the country.” The temple is overlooking the marina so that she may guard and keep the fisherman when out to sea. Mazu is believed to be the protector of Taiwan.

Xinwu District is about 7% of the land area of Taoyuan County in Taiwan. It is the largest township in the county. This is a small farming and fishing community. Approximately 90% of the residents of Xinwu are Hakka Han. The Hakka Han people are descendants of the Han Chinese of Central China and speak the Hakka Chinese language. The Hakka Han have a separate identity that distinguishes them from the Cantonese people. The Cantonese are Han Chinese whose ancestors came from the Guangdong area of mainland China. The Hakka Han and the Cantonese are some of the friendliest people I have met.

This area is home to some of the most beautiful gardens in the world. Here are three of the best well-known gardens. There are also many smaller gardens that you will see as you visit the area. The Taiwanese love their gardens.

When in the area, plan to tour the Jiudou Mulberry Garden. There are many different species of the Mulberry Tree world-wide. See them all at the Mulberry Garden. There are many teas that are made from the different Mulberry Trees around the world. If you have access to a Mulberry Tree that is not sprayed, pick and wash the leaves. You can make the teas from the fresh leaves or you can dry them in the sun or in any area of low heat for later use. I personally like to combine them with pecan leaves and fig leaves. This is an awesome tea.

The Jiudou Lotus Garden is another lovely garden. The Lotus comes in many different colors and is thought to be a flower of extreme good luck or prosperity. Enjoy an earlier article on all the meanings of the many Lotus Plants at:

Another beautiful garden is the Sinwu Flower Leisure Park. Take a leisurely walk and enjoy all the many flowers that flourish in the park. It is a perfect outing for the family. What better place to have a picnic?

Xinwu is a beautiful township with many rivers. There are five major rivers that flow through the town. What an awesome place for a bicycle ride, or a leisurely walk. When in Xinwu, be sure to enjoy the many walking paths by the rivers.

Make 2015 the year to enjoy the many sights and sounds of Taiwan. Enjoy the awesome architecture, and the gorgeous scenery.  There are  fantastic fruits everywhere. They are delicious!  There are many Asian vegetables just waiting to be tried. The food is wonderful! There is no end to the adventure that is waiting, in Taiwan. Today is the day to book your Taiwanese vacation. What are you waiting for? Grab your passport and pack your bags. See you in Taiwan.